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8 Do’s And Don’ts of Breastfeeding

Every mom knows that breastfeeding is indeed the best food for her baby. It is her duty to check if the baby is being fed properly as well. Without the right kind of nutrition, they will not be able to grow and develop the right way. The quality of breast milk depends on the kind of foods that the mother consumes while nursing the baby. So it is necessary for the mother to eat well-balanced nutritious meals throughout her lactation period.

Apart from this, it is also necessary for mothers to look after themselves while breastfeeding. Clogging of milk ducts, infections, etc can be avoided by taking proper care of the breasts. Mothers should use nursing wipes, creams and wear the right nursing clothes to take care of themselves.

Do: give timely feedings to your baby

It is necessary to give timely feedings to your baby. If you are going to be away from your baby, make sure to express milk so that whoever is taking care of your baby can feed them. Also, while you are away, express milk at the right time so that your milk flow doesn’t get disrupted.

Don’t: be distracted while feeding your baby

When you are supposed to feed your baby, make sure that you concentrate on your child and nothing else. Enjoy the moment and bond with your munchkin. Look into your baby’s eyes while you are feeding them to help deepen and strengthen the bond. Avoid looking at your smartphone or laptop while you are nursing your little one.

Do: give enough time for feeding

When you are feeding your baby, don’t rush it. Take breaks in between to burp your baby and then see if they want to nurse some more. This way you will keep them feeling full for longer. The composition of breast milk changes as your baby grows. The consistency of the breast milk also turns thinner as the months go by. So make sure to feed until your baby feels full.

Don’t: have alcohol prior to the feeding

Avoiding alcohol altogether is the best choice when you are breastfeeding your little one. In case you have to attend a function where you know there will be drinks, make sure you pump breast milk beforehand. You can nurse again 3 hours after having alcohol to ensure that it is flushed out of your system completely.

Do: wear comfortable clothes

When you are breastfeeding, it is best to avoid wearing tight clothes as they can cause clogged milk ducts or pores and can leave you vulnerable to infections. If you have leaky breasts, wear nursing pads in your bra. Wear loose, airy clothes and a proper nursing bra.

Don’t: self-medicate for nursing problems

If you have any kind of medical issue from breastfeeding, it is best to consult a doctor about what medication you should take. Avoid taking any herbal supplements (or any kind of medication for that matter) without a doctor’s recommendation. Remember that anything that you ingest can affect your baby in some way and so it is best to seek medical advice for any health issue.

Do: eat 500 extra calories every day

When you are breastfeeding your little one, you are burning anywhere between 300-500 calories every day. Often, mothers think of this as a way to lose weight. The truth is that you need to consume 300-500 extra calories in order to be able to provide your baby with the nourishment they need. You also need those extra calories for your body to be able to repair and go back to normal.

Don’t: eat anything that may harm your baby

Everything you ingest can affect your baby either directly or indirectly. So, be cautious about what you eat or drink. Ask your doctor for pointers on things you should avoid eating while you are nursing. For example, fish with high levels of mercury is a sure no-no. Having too many chocolates can have a laxative effect on your baby. Click here to read about other foods you should avoid while breastfeeding.


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