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7 Weird Ways To Discipline Your Child That Work

Parenting in the 21st century is not an easy to do job. Kids are becoming smarter and naughtier everyday and handling their tantrums is equally becoming a nightmare for the parents. To keep up the pace with the tiny smarty-pants in this ever-evolving era, it has become mandatory that the parents put away the old-school techniques of disciplining kids and take on new and unique ways to control the tiny monsters. Put your creative genes to work and come up with something that will make them realise their mistakes.


Tell me about it: 

The easiest yet mostly ignored way is to talk. “What does he know, he is just a kid” - is not the attitude you want to have towards your child. Even those little fellas have emotions and their reasons to be mad or act differently, are big deals from their perspective. And we all remember how much we hated it whenever our parents would treat us like kids by acting like an authoritarian. Most of these problems can be solved easily by having a relaxed discussion. Listen to their reasons, try to figure out a solution and find a middle ground.

Let’s play Peek-a-boo:

Kids love to throw around stuffs and create a mess but when it comes to cleaning they are always ready with a thousand excuses. Next time, ask them nicely to clean the mess. If they don’t, hide their favourite toy or something they absolutely cannot live without (e.g: video games etc) and tell them that you are not giving it back until they clean the whole mess. If they still do not listen, tell them you will take away one toy every half hour until there’s no toy left on the floor. They will immediately start cleaning.


Chore scoreboard:

Prepare a checklist or scoreboard of 20-30 household chores you’d let your child do. Add scores against each chore (e.g: Cleaning the toilet = 30 points, Doing the dishes = 20 points, Cleaning the spider webs = 70 points). Now whenever they cause trouble and need to be punished, take away one privilege of them and tell them they’ll have to earn that privilege back by scoring 150-200 points. As soon as they reach their target, congratulate them with a chocolate or ice cream as a token of appreciation and give them back their privilege.

Alright, let’s do it your way:

Kids don’t understand that life is not as simple as they think it is. They get too eager to be grown-ups as the freedom of taking decision allures them. They start protesting and threatening to leave home or start earning etc. When these threats become repetitive, one day just agree with them and do it their way while keeping them under careful observation. Let the teenager boy who just started to earn his pocket money, pay for his share when he starts acting all matured. Let them manage their expenses themselves for a while until they realise how hard it is to make the ends meet. A taste of harsh adult life will mellow them down and make them understand their misconceptions.


Suggestion box for punishments:

Sibling fights are one of the most frequent issues that raise in a household with two or more kids. Next time your ones start fighting, make them sit and ask them to write down a few punishments for each other in chits. Make a “Punishment suggestion box” and collect all the folded chits in that box. Now ask them to randomly pick one chit for themselves.

Give me 1 more set:

Some kids are really hard to discipline as they constantly goad you until your anger level reaches its peak. Rather than immediately hitting them or scolding them, make them do a little exercise such as 10-15 squats, 10 push-ups or sit-ups etc. The muscle pain will act as their punishment and the exercise will help with their fitness.


When it becomes impossible to handle their tantrums:

Naughty kids tend to throw tantrums that are impossible to handle at times. Instead of giving them a timeout, give yourself a timeout. Do not entertain their demands and give them some time to cool down. Make sure everyone in your home cooperates. Once they calm down, make them sit and talk to them like adults with a serious tone and teach them the importance of good behaviour.

It is very important to avoid striking them physically or using hateful languages around kids, as that will do nothing but make them afraid of you or become rebellious. Introducing the concept of right and wrong at their very early years makes disciplining the kids much easier in the later years.

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