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7 Weird But Amazing Facts About Babies

Babies are a wonder! As a parent, you probably can’t stop looking at your baby, cuddling him, and finding out all there is to know about a baby, so that you can take the best care of your little one. But there’s so much more about babies that you probably won’t find in parenting books. Your baby is truly an interesting little human being. 

Here are 7 weird but amazing facts about your baby that you probably didn’t know:

1. Newborns Don’t “Cry”

As a new parent, who is woken up every night by the cries of your baby, it may seem like your baby can’t seem to stop crying! But fun fact? Your newborn baby can’t really cry! For the first three weeks of their life, babies can shout and scream when they want food or a nappy change, but they can’t actually cry, because their tear ducts are not fully developed. So they cry without producing or shedding any tears for these early weeks. And although very rare, some babies take up to 4 months to shed their first tears!

2. They Have More Bones Than You

Babies have 300 bones, while adults have 206. As they grow, the bones fuse into each other and that is why a fully grown adult has 206 bones although you were born with 300! For example, the knee caps are not bones but cartilage when the baby is born. On the other hand, your baby’s head has very soft spots because the skull bones which are at a gap from each other, fuse together a few years down the line.

3. They Learn Thumb-sucking In The Womb!

Believe it or not, your baby is born with the ability to suck his thumb, as this reflex helps them drink milk when you breastfeed them. They also use it to feel secure or when they are hungry. But the ability to suck thumbs is an instinct, and is learned in the womb, and sometimes, you may even capture an ultrasound of your baby in the womb sucking their thumb! The habit continues into their infancy and toddlerhood and is very common in babies who demand more attention, safety and affection.

4. They Have 3 Times More Taste Buds

Wonder why your baby rejects all the new food you try to feed them? It’s because they have 3 times as many taste buds as an adult - which is around 10,000 of them!And they’re not just on the tongue - they’re also on the sides, back and roof of the mouth, but eventually, these extra taste buds disappear. This is probably why younger children are more picky eaters!

5. They Prefer Mom’s Voice Over Dad’s

Babies prefer their mom’s voice over their dad’s voice. Having grown inside mommy and heard her voice more often, a baby can not only recognize it, but they also like high-pitched voices more than the low-pitched voice that their dad has. Babies just have a way of preferring their mom over dad in the initial months, due to a close bond that they form with moms due to a mom’s crucial role, and this includes the skin-to-skin bond that breastfeeding creates.

6. They breathe very fast

Babies breathe faster than adults or children. In fact, they take twice or thrice as many breaths as a fully grown adult. The reason for this is that a tiny baby has lower lung volumes than you. Babies take around 40 breaths a minute, whereas adults take anywhere between 12 and 20.


7. Their heart beats twice as fast as yours

Babies have a smaller heart rate than adults because they are smaller. Small mammals have smaller hearts, so the heart can beat faster. With age, this slows down and reaches a normal heart rate similar to yours. An adult’s heart rate can range from 60-100 beats per minute, whereas babies have a heart rate around 130-140 beats per minute.

Your baby is in fact, very interesting. There’s always so much to learn just by observing your baby. After all, they’re cute, lovable, and they have so much about them that we still have to learn. How many of these facts did you already know? Let us know which ones surprised you the most!

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