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7 Ways To Help Reduce Neck And Back Pain

“A pain in the neck” is a common idiom used to describe how annoying a situation could be. Likewise, neck pain and back pain could stop you in your tracks, making it noticeably uncomfortable and difficult to go about your typical day. It can limit your movements and capabilities. It could worsen if it is ignored or left untreated. So, here are sure shot ways to take care of that pain and provide you relief:

Take it easy:

Having a neck or back pain is uncomfortable. It restricts the movements completely or lets you have the movements with an uncomfortable pain. People customarily believe that the more we move and stress the neck or the back, the sooner the pain will come down. But in reality, studies show that a few days of restricting the activities that pressurise your neck and back and taking appropriate medications is all that is needed to relax and unbind the strained muscles. So, next time you have neck or back pain, ease up on the pressure you are putting on your neck and back.

Don’t stop moving:

Although it is essential to restrict the movements when you have severe pain, it is advised to have joint and muscle movements past the point of initial restriction as the pain eases. This is an effective method in treating simple neck and back pain than passive methods such as complete rest or drugs.

Cold compress, then heat treatment:

If you have a muscle or ligament strain, you can alleviate the pain by alternate cold and heat treatment. For a cold compress, apply a handful of ice on the affected area by putting it in a plastic bag and wrapping it in a cloth or a towel. Ice brings down the swelling and the inflammation and also acts as a local anaesthetic. Generally, after 48 hours, it loses its effect. Apply heat compress. For heat compress, use a warm, damp towel or a hot water bottle or a heating pad or a heat rub. Heat treatment after cold compress increases the blood flow to the deep tissues and relax muscle spasms.


Either you give yourself a self-massage or you have a willing companion who could offer you a gentle massage, it is a great method to get relaxation from the pain. It provides relief from neck and back pain by stretching and relaxing the tight muscles and ligaments.

Upright walk:

Walking upright could also help in reducing neck and back pain. The healthy posture for walking could be visualised by imagining that you are suspended from the ceiling by a line which is connected to the middle of your chest.

Head tilt:

Head tilt is one of the simplest exercises but could be hardest in the earlier stage of neck or back injury. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Relax your shoulder and let your arms hang straight down. Grasp the seat of the chair with your right hand and tilt your head left towards your left shoulder. Extend as much as you can and be in the position for one deep breath. Repeat the same method for your right side as well.


Stretches help in loosening the muscles and aids in the healing process after the initial injury pain is calmed. It also helps in preventing new pain or recurrence of the pain from an old injury.


Sit on a firm chair with relaxed shoulder and your hands hanging straight down. With the palms facing one another, lift your hands towards the knees and then over the head. Let your elbows straight and your shoulder unlifted. Hold this I-pose for 3 minutes and bring it back down.


Stand against a wall or sit on a chair with your feet shoulder width-apart. Let your shoulders are relaxed and your arms dangle at the sides. Let your arms out and pull your elbows back to the wall next to the ribcage. Then, bring the backs of your hands to the wall at the side of your shoulders. Hold this posture for 30 seconds to get relief.


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