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7 Ways To Have Fantastic Skin After Holi

Holi can be a crazy ride. The colors and the insane fun is what all of us look forward to. What we don't look forward to is the bad skin, after. The festival of colors steals from our skin, it's glow! Here's 7 things you can do to have perfect skin even after going all out on the colors!

1. Coconut Oil will save the day!

We suggest you drown in coconut oil before you go out to play. Every inch of your skin and hair, drenched in oil. It is the one way the colors will come off easy. If you aren't a big fan of oil, remember, it's the only thing to save your skin from getting dry and breaking out in the aftermath of all the fun.

2. Lipsticks to the rescue!

So, you're wondering how you can still manage to look human, covered in oil and in baggy clothes? Well, lipsticks of course! Wear your favourite shade and don't be afraid to go overboard with it. Lipsticks can keep your lips hydrated and help you look fab, all at once!

3. Warm Water is the Way

Do not take a steaming hot shower, for the life of you. A steaming hot shower after a hard day partying can spell disaster for your skin. Lukewarm water,however, is exactly what you need to rid yourself of the color.

4. Lemon Juice is no loser

For the especially persistent stains go for lemon juice. Squeeze lemon onto your face and limbs for stains that refuse to leave and see the difference for yourself. Lemons are known to have cleansing properties.

5. Moisturize to Make it Better

After taking a nice long shower and getting rid of the stains, It's time you moisturize.

Apply a generous amount of lotion to lock in, supple and smooth skin. If lotion isn't applied, your skin can go rough and stay dry for days together.

6. Organic is Awesome

Organic colors are definitely the answer to the what kind of colors to use conundrum. Organic colors are chemical free and go easy on your skin. They are easier to wash off too which is just a bonus!

Have a colorful and kickass holi this year and do not forget about your skin in all of the madness. Happy Holi!

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