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7 Ways How A Rewards System Can Help Shape Your Child's Behaviour


Kids are a package of different behaviours - as much as there is good there is bad. Wouldn't it be nice if you can frame a system to control that undesirable demeanor? Maybe replace it with a disciplined attitude? 

If you a) are looking out for a knight in the shining armour to save you from those wild tantrums in a supermarket, b) have your child yelling back at you in a family gathering, c) have a child displaying any sort of aggressive behaviour when they are not supposed to --- then a reward system is your answer.

Unlike the old age theory of how the reward system makes your child a spoilt brat, they could actually encourage children to be and do good. So, how exactly does the reward system benefit your child? Read on to find out.

1. Promotes appropriate behaviour

Extrinsically and intrinsically, the behaviour of your child changes. They respond affirmatively when they are offered a reward for a positive attitude. Ensure your child is rewarded for what good they do instead of the bad they might be do in the future. For example, instead of rewarding your child for not wanting to hit their peer - reward them for their gentle touch.

Reward systems are a discipline tool which require the least amount of your yelling and repeating the same things for a millionth time. Thus, it helps you save your energy and concentrate on other paramount activities.

2. Increased motivation

When your child is asked to clean up the room, help in gardening, to keep their used plate in the kitchen sink - most of the time your child denies. This is maybe because of utter laziness or just that they don't want to do it. Yet, all they need is motivation. When you use a reward-based system, your child will finish tasks at their best level so that they could fetch the most rewards. It teaches them to take up more and more tasks, handling it responsibly.

3. Determined to complete the task

Reward systems not only help children to be motivated, but also teaches them to push themselves until they finish the task successfully. Children learn to be determined and ensure they complete the assigned task graciously. According to a Psychological research, when the reward system is implemented, the children invest their full efforts unlike cases of children without rewards.

4. Boosted self-esteem

Just like adults, children also need to receive the rewards or incentives with pride. Each time they are rewarded for their good behaviour, attitude or completing the assigned task successfully - they become more and more confident. Each reward acts as stepping stones towards their confident self and they will be encouraged to create success stories progressively.

5. Teaches life lessons

Along with building up a personality with successful traits, reward systems also teach your child other life lessons. This includes being sharing, gentle with others and disciplined in life. Gradually, they will also learn that every good deed they do, fetches them something better.

6. Improved results

Good behaviour, increased motivation, determination to complete the assigned task and boosted self-esteem - all are ingredients for your child's success. Reward systems nourishes these characters, encouraging and endorsing the efforts of your child. This, in turn, leads to improved outcomes and successful lives of your children in future.

7. Happy kids, happy home

The surroundings bid a million things to learn, but all you need is a mind which is interested to learn. When you offer rewards or incentives to your child, it could make them more productive. This, in turn, helps them to learn good things at home, in school and from surroundings. Whenever they receive the reward, it creates a feeling of pride and achievement. Being successful helps your child to be joyful. Thus, happy children creates a happy home!  

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