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7 Ways Becoming A Father Changes Your Life

Taking in the news of becoming a parent is beautiful, but not always easy. Becoming a parent accounts to making certain sacrifices and if you aren’t ready to do that, you are already fighting an uphill battle. But that’s a pessimist’s viewpoint on parenting.

Parenting is so much more pleasant and beautiful than what can be put in words. Only on experiencing it first-hand can you really understand the beautiful complexities that it brings to one’s lives. The lives of both parents change drastically.

Until now, a mother’s life underwent more change than that of a father’s. However, today that’s not the scenario that we find ourselves in. Societies have evolved and so has this relationship between husband and wife.

In today’s world, becoming a father your life can change in more ways than what the case was a few decades ago. Keeping that in mind, given below are 7 ways in which you can expect your life to change after becoming a dad:

1. You lose out on alone-time: 

Men are emotionally more vulnerable than women and thus, they need some alone-time to think of nothing and get themselves sorted out. Once one becomes a father, however, it’s very hard to get this alone-time. Most of your ‘used-to-be alone-time’ will now go into being a dad. Try to alter your schedule a little so you can still get this ‘alone-time’ by waking up-early in the morning or multi-tasking to free up some extra time.

2. Sleep becomes a precious commodity: 

In the initial years, when your child is just a little infant, their sleep-cycle will fall ahead of yours and thus, no matter how wacky it may be, as a dad, you will have to compromise on your sleep every once in a while. That’s when you realise how precious your sleep really is.

3. You may gain some extra pounds: 

On account of their busy work-schedules, many dads find it extremely hard to make some time for the baby and for their body. And generally, the baby falls first in the priority hierarchy and thus, many dads end up putting on weight soon after becoming fathers.

4. You become much more responsible: 

One of the biggest pros of becoming a father is the instant impact that it has on one’s maturity levels and thereby, becoming a father makes a man much more responsible than before. Before the baby, the things that were important to you were probably more material things. Loving something living, something that depends upon you for survival fosters a new sense of responsibility within men.

5. You will become more hardworking: 

Regardless of the amount of work that you put in, it will just never feel enough – because now, being a dad, you are working not just for yourself and your wife, you are working for the life of your family. Every man at home wants the best for his family and he remains highly motivated to do better for his family.

6. You may find yourself amongst a new circle of friends; filled with dads: 

Once you become a dad be prepared to find yourself amongst a new circle of friends, in which most members will be mothers and fathers. But at the same time, make sure that you don’t cut-off your old guy-friends. Keep them close. Meet them often. Never mix the two friend circles.

7. It gets easier for you to give way to your emotions: 

A dad is much more emotional than other men. When you become a dad, don’t be surprised if you lose control on your emotions. That’s completely normal. You may cry sometimes, you will feel yourself become more empathetic towards people around you and you will exhibit very protective emotions towards your child.

Becoming a dad is a life-changing experience altogether. If you feel that we have missed out something important, feel free to let everyone know what you experienced differently!

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