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7 Unspoken Things New Moms Experience

There are numerous classes which make mothers ready for pregnancy, but what these classes do not do is making them ready for after delivery scenarios. There are a bunch of common things that every mother goes through, but hardly anyone speaks about it.

It is a common thing to forget to learn about things that you need to know about postpartum. Most mothers do not talk about these things because they happen to forget about them or are skeptical about their exact feelings.

It is good to know some of these things in advance so as to take some precautions to fight them or lessen their impact. You can talk to your doctor about the same. Here are a few such things that new moms experience but do not usually mention:

1. Bowel Movements

The very first time that the mother goes to the bathroom after giving birth, is terrible. Most hospitals require mothers to have a bowel movement before releasing them, the reason being that it is not the nicest of experiences. It is advisable for the new mother to take stool softeners given by the doctor and stay hydrated to lessen the pain caused during the very first time. Remember, this does not just happen to you, it happens to everyone. But the good news is that after you get through this, you get discharged from the hospital.

2. The Blood

Periods are different and the blood loss that women go through after delivery is different. It isn’t surprising that many women soak through adult diapers and keep bleeding heavily, in spite of not giving vaginal births. This happens due to the removal of placenta. Women often think that their own blood loss is much more than others and hence think it to be a gross thing to talk about. This blood loss is almost frightening and depleting.


3. Feeling of hatred for loved ones

Especially, your partner; no matter how supportive they are and everything that they do for you, it is you who goes through the pain and not them. New mothers feel an unexplainable resentment towards their partner, which eventually goes away.

4. Feeling Blue

At times, some doctors recommend therapy to some new mothers. Pregnancy and birth bring about a huge physical as well as mental transformation. It can be overwhelming to handle everything for a single person and feeling lost and sad is perfectly normal. Ask for help if you need it.


5. Postpartum pain

The acute pain of delivery might be over but the pain postpartum is no joke. Everything from head to toe hurts and you wonder if you will ever be perfectly fine again. Be it a C-section or a normal birth, mothers go through with a lot of pain and not all of It can be fought by taking painkillers.

6. Brain freeze

Multiple situations occur when mothers just give up and do not feel like doing anything at all. Sleep deprivation, lack of rest, running around to attend to your baby, breastfeeding and probably a job to deal with is not a joke.


7. Post body shame

Ninety percent women have admitted feeling this. After pregnancy, the mother’s body goes through a lot of change and loses its shape. This is a natural phenomenon and nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Partners should make sure that they make mothers feel good about their bodies and encourage them to exercise to become fit. 

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