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7 Totally Brilliant Products For New Parents To Make Life Easier


Being a Parent can be hard but being a parent for the first time can be harder. Coping up with your routine and life are just as hard as trying to find ways to overcome certain barriers while taking care of your little one. Most barriers in everyday life can be worked around by a product out there that will make your life easier, so why not while parenting? Here are 7 products you need to invest in as a new age parent.

1. Video Monitor


Keeping a watch on your child can be the hardest thing to do. Sometimes it's work and sometimes it's the phone ringing in the other room. Such issues call for a device that can help you monitor your child without actually being in the same place. A baby video monitor unlike the traditional audio monitor will bring you a visual of your baby. The device is normally internet friendly and hence can be used not just at home but elsewhere too.

2. Nursing Pillow


Feeding your child can be the most satisfying act you can do as a parent. But, feeding or nursing comes with a few challenges such as that of holding your baby in the right position. A Nursing pillow will be your best bet in trying to solve this issue. The nursing pillow will provide you a base pillow that your baby can lie on while he or she feeds. It's good for the arms as well as requires no practice in positioning your child whatsoever.

3. A Pacifier Thermometer


Monitoring your baby’s temperature can be a pain with a traditional thermometer as it requires a process that comes with extreme movements and leg kicking. It's always easier to be able to avoid that by having a product that can do the job easily. The Pacifier Thermometer also is great at avoiding the need to wake your baby. Also, if you are a parent who tends to worry about your baby getting sick, this would be your best bet as it's not time consuming.

4. A Breast Pump


If you decide to nurse, a breast pump can be your best friend. A breast pump can not only help with feeding your baby but there are times when you need a break after a long day. Days like these call for feeding from the bottle. There would be times while nursing when you may not be able to produce or times when you produce but your baby is asleep, in those times a breast pump can help immensely.

5. Baby Apps


Apps in today's day rule at organizing life out. Baby apps do the same. One of the most useful baby apps seen are those that have a detailed schedule on the feeding, sleeping and changing times. Fill the time up and there will never be a time you forget to feed or change your baby. It's a perfect way of organising your baby's day.

6. Movement Monitor


All moms tend to freak out when your little one rolls over and isn't on his or hers back. It may be difficult to keep a track even when you're physically present or have a baby monitor on. To overcome this, movement monitors can be attached to the baby's diaper that checks the movement of your child. If something seems off, a buzzer sets off which will catch your notice.

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