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It is all nice and shiny at the beginning of a new relationship, but there comes a stage where it gets awkward and you feel like you don’t know what to do or what you are doing. This happens in marriages too. Marriages aren’t like any other flings; they are much more than that. You and our spouse have made a commitment and need to work through all hardships to make your marriage blossom.

One of the keys to a successful marriage is communication. If there is a problem, talk about it and sort it out. Here are a few topics that couples should definitely not avoid:

1. Sex

In a country like India, the topic of sex is something of a taboo. Well, so be it. But once you are inside closed doors with the love of your life, you should not feel awkward or hesitant to talk about it. You might be enjoying the act very much, but that does not necessarily mean that your partner does too. Both parties should talk to each other and figure out what goes best for the other one. Research has shown that sexual compatibility can make or break a relationship. Try to be open and non-judgmental during the discussion.

2. Money matters

It is better to have your finances sorted out whether only one person is earning or both of you are earning. It can be a very bitter thing to have a feud over the matters of money, so try to talk about it on a daily basis, maintain proper records and plan your finances carefully.

3. Future Plans

Marriage in itself is not the end. Every couple should plan their future even if it is something as distant as moving into a bigger house or starting a family, etc. it can be as small as discussing how you will remove quality time from your work schedules to talk and communicate with one another. Remember, the future comes around, all too soon.

4. Individual goals

This is one of the main reasons why you should communicate with your partner. Your partner or you may have certain individual goals which may not always work in the same direction, in such cases you need to come to a consensus or direct your individual goals in such a manner that you are satisfied and your relationship remains stable too.

5. Children

This is a topic that couples should talk about even before marriage. You cannot always pick a person’s brain about every single thing; it is only when you talk to them that you get to know about certain things. Family planning is a major aspect of every marriage and every couple should have this conversation without fail.

6. Knowing them inside out (including their childhood)

You may be under the impression that you know your partner very well. But you may be wrong. You should ask them about their childhood, their background and absolutely everything that you want to know. This will help you understand a few habits of theirs and how exactly their personality came to be shaped.

7. Commitment

Every person has a different definition of commitment, which is why it is a good idea to talk to your spouse and know what their definition is. While being committed means that you be loyal to your partner, it does not mean that you practically suffocate one another.

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