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7 Tips To Understand Your Baby’s Body Language

Yaay! You’re finally a mommy now and that must be keeping you busy round the clock. Your bundle of joy craves for your attention and you obviously love giving it to him. You’re so into your baby that you don’t even realise how time flies.

Those cute gestures your baby makes, the kind of movements and the type of sounds she makes keeps you wondering as to what exactly is your baby trying to do. There must be certain moves that your baby must be doing too often and you must have found it difficult to uncover their actual meaning. 

Here are the most common gestures and their meanings to help you understand your baby further:

1. Grasping ears


It could be because the baby has just discovered her own ears or when the baby is undergoing teething, she could grab her ears then too.Moreover, if she’s crying bitterly while holding her ear, chances are that she has an ear infection.

What you can do:

Help your the baby to locate her ears and make her feel comfortable while she’s teething. If you suspect an infection, make a visit to the doctor.

2.Arched back


They do this when there’s any pain or discomfort in their system. They do this when they have heartburn.

What you can do:

All you can do is hug them and comfort them depending on your style of comforting. They also arch their backs while breastfeeding. This can suggest that the baby is about to have a reflux any second now!

Refrain from force-feeding your baby if she spits up or cries while feeding.

3. Kicking in the air


Your baby is genuinely happy and is having a nice time. It is a way of expressing happiness. Babies kick when they find something exciting like when you’re playing with them or during their massage time.

What you can do:

You can keep your baby in the lap and sing songs. This will make her sync her kicking along with the tune of the song, making her even happier!

4. Banging head


This could indicate that the baby is irritated or could be in pain. The rhythmic rocking creates a soothing sensation and generates a relief for your child.

What you can do:

If your baby hits her head too often for long durations, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

5. Clenched fists


This could mean that your baby is in stress or that he’s just hungry. Babies do that a lot when they are hungry because hunger causes them to stress out.

What you can do :

Feed your baby as soon as she’s hungry. If the baby keeps having clenched fists for longer durations, take her to the doctor soon.

6. Knee scrunching


It could be indicating discomfort and uneasy sensation in the digestive system. It generally happens when there’s a gas, constipation or uneasy poop.

What you can do:

Ease your baby by rubbing her back and helping her burp in case of gas or constipation. Get your baby to drink lots of water and fluids that don’t cause constipation.

7. Jerky arms


It can mean that your baby is alert and these movements will occur when your baby hears sudden loud sounds or sees a bright light. It could also be due to loss of support.

What you can do:

Although they disappear after 4 months, you have to support your baby and train them to survive without so much support. Swaddling your baby will comfort her and provide her support so that she won’t jerk her arms.

Now that you know the 7 magical tips to understand your baby isn't so hard after all now, is it?  

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