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7 Tips to take care of yourself post-pregnancy

Being a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world and dealing with post pregnancy is the most challenging one. The postpartum period begins immediately after your little bundle of joy is born and lasts up to six to eight weeks. This is the period your body nurses itself back to its original state. If you do not rest, post-pregnancy, you are definitely inviting a lot of ill consequences. Here are 7 tips to take care of yourself post pregnancy:

1. Rest:

The biological clock of a newborn baby is entirely different to that of adults. It is said that the baby awakens about every three hours. The baby has to be fed and changed as and when required. This is a tedious task and leads to exhaustion. The mother must be freed from additional responsibilities so that she can relax. Most of the mothers are burdened with household chores such that they do not find any time to rest. The family should step up at this point and see to it that the mother gets the rest she’s due.


Several hormonal changes take place during the pregnancy stage and it takes time for the body to get back normal. It is a must for the mothers to opt for a healthy diet. The baby has to be fed and thus the mother needs to increase her nutritional quotient. The lactation experts suggest that the mothers should eat every 2 hours and make sure that eat whenever they are hungry. The diet should include greens, vegetables, cereals, fruits, seeds and other necessary food that would add up to the right amount of vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, protein and other nutrients. And, no fasting, please!

3.The start matters:

Your mornings decide the rest of the day. No matter how tired you are during the previous night, ensure that you start your day on a positive note. Drink a glass of lukewarm water in the empty stomach. It is found out that a mother undergoes a lot of mood swings during as well as after her pregnancy. Work at keeping yourself occupied with positive thoughts and don’t give up on the little things that bring a smile to your face. Negativity spells out danger not only to the mother but also to the child.


You do not have to carry out rigorous exercises to deal with your post-pregnancy weight. Consult your doctor before you start the workout regime. Don’t be in a rush to go from flabs to fab. Remember your body has gone through innumerable changes and it needs time to reinstate its former glory. Keep Calm. You can start with yoga as it adds to your feel-good factor.

5.Water your body:

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and continue it for the next 6 months. Water will keep you hydrated as well as help you in ridding the toxins of the body. You can also drink vegetable and fruit juices for some extra spunk. This will prevent acidity as fruits have the neutralizing power.

6.Get enough sleep:

Yes, nothing can be better than a good sleep. The babies do not follow a mandated schedule, hence the mothers have to be constantly on their toes to take care of them. Most of the babies remain awake during the night which makes it impossible for the mothers to sleep. The moms should sleep as soon as their little ones hit the hay.

7.Pamper Yourself:

You may feel like you’re in a lurch with regards to health and diet and have a bad hair day on the loop for the past couple of months. Go to a salon, reward yourself for holding the weight of the world on your shoulder. Get your hair done, a new look may lighten up your day. Do it for you, look good to feel good.

Lastly, visit your gynecologist regularly!

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