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7 Tips To Prevent Flat Head In Babies

When you see your newborn for the first time, you’ll see those cute puffy cheeks, rosy lips and those almond eyes which keep looking at you with love and absolute admiration. Every inch of your baby is precious to you for he’s the apple of your eye, isn’t it mommy?  

When you kiss your baby and hold him in your arms, suddenly you’ll feel like the shape of the head is a little weird. Now you might wonder if that’s a flat head or just a developing round head. But why do babies have flat heads when they’re born!! Read on to know the answer to that question.

Why do babies have flatness on their head?

This is because of the pressure that gets applied to the baby’s head by the vagina during the birthing process. Since the baby’s head is soft, it is susceptible to a certain amount of bumps and flattening.

Babies usually tilt their head on one side as they sleep on their back. The bones in their soft little head aren’t fused yet so the baby’s skull and head get flattened. It usually happens when there is a breech birth or when the mother is carrying twins or triplets.

Here are a bunch of tips that every mommy relies on when it comes to preventing flat head in babies:

1.Change the sleeping locations

Exposure to excessive pressure might hurt their neck and change the shape of their head. If you’ve been putting your baby in the crib change it his sleeping location to the swing! It allows the baby to see things around him and promotes head movement. It reduces the chances of having a flat head.

2. Type of surface

Put your baby on a flat firm surface especially while sleeping. Get your baby a firm bed or a crib.

3.Alter the head position

Keep changing your baby’s head position every hour so that his head will tilt and he’ll be able to see new objects around him. It reduces the pressure being applied on the head.

4.Let the baby sleep on your tummy

Once in a while, let your baby sleep on your tummy so that there is absolutely no or less pressure on your munchkin’s head.

5.Hold him upright.

Carry your baby when he’s awake so that his head remains straight. Reduce his sitting time in chairs, car seats, and other surfaces. It causes the neck to get strained.

6.Switch the sides while feeding

If your baby is being breastfed, you’ll always switch sides but if he’s on formula-based food, don’t forget to switch sides during the feeding sessions.

7. Increase the tummy time sessions

Let your baby lie on his tummy on a flat firm surface for at least 10-15 minutes of the day. It helps in strengthening their muscles, prevents flat head and helps in overall physical development.

As the baby’s skull is soft and malleable, it is bound to change. However, it can be avoided if proper care is taken. The roundness can still be maintained if proper steps are taken. 

Having a slightly flat head will get normalized with age and time whereas a severe one might not get healed. Anyhow, having a flat head won’t come in the way of your baby’s development. So, relax and enjoy some special moments with your baby. These little ones grow up too quickly!

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