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7 Tips To Make Sure Your Baby Sleeps At Night

Babies are little souls that get tired of doing some activity. To stay active and fresh, a baby needs at least 16-20 hours of sleep every day. But as he grows older, the hours of slumber reduce too.    

If babies don’t get enough sleep, they would end up becoming cranky the whole day. Sleep is such an important factor as it helps in the developmental process.

Babies tend to wake up from their nap when they’re hungry or uncomfortable. So, here are a bunch of tips especially for mommies who find it difficult to make their baby sleep. These tips will ensure that your baby gets enough sleep: 

1.Massage time

A relaxing massage and a quick warm bath right before bedtime works wonders for your baby. The warmness of the water eases the muscles and relax the baby, so they fall asleep quickly.

2. Music therapy

Play a soothing music on a low volume so that the baby can listen to it and fall asleep. It will help in improving their auditory skills and calming their mind. It will be just like a lullaby for them and they will fall asleep quickly.

3. Darkness in the room

Keep the room dark and cool enough so that your baby can fall asleep. Since there will be no light in the room, the baby won’t get distracted by the things present in the room. Combine this with a good temperature and some soft music and he will escalate to sleep automatically!

4. Full tummy and fresh clothes

A smelly and dirty diaper can become a hindrance and not let your baby sleep. Also, if he’s hungry or not fed properly, he is not going to let you sleep at night either!

5. Don’t look them in the eye

Avoid eye contact as it will just bring them into a playful and a jolly mood. They will literally just push sleep away and begin to play with you. It is very tempting, but you should just let them sleep.

6. The body language

Understand the different things that make your baby sleepy. Like some babies fall asleep when they’re exposed to movement in a stroller or on a drive or even after some nice exercise routine.

7. Drowsy babies sleep faster

When your baby feels drowsy, he is going to just sleep away. So, quickly put him to bed and let him sleep. What’s more interesting is that he knows he’s going to wake up in the same environment, so he’s not going going to be anxious at all!

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