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7 Tips to Get You Through Your Baby's First Month

When you are a first-time mom, it is evident that you might be confused about the safety, protection and development of your little one. You might be searching for information from all possible sources. The uncertain sleeping patterns, frequent need of feeding, and other such cues, are missed by the parents and they wonder why the baby is always crying. The baby might sleep during the day and stay awake all night, making feeding a difficult and tiresome job to do. Here are some tips that might help you to take better care of your baby during the first month of his or her birth.

1. Keep the baby frequently fed

A newborn baby needs to be fed many times in a day. For a baby still in his or her first month of age, you need to feed your infant at least six times in a day. You can increase the feed up to 12 times a day if you are breastfeeding your baby. You should not try to control feeding times as the baby has uncertain feeding and sleeping schedules.

2. Pay attention to the sleep cues

Taking care of your one month old baby also includes understanding their sleep patterns, which are totally uncertain. A baby tends to sleep at any hour of the day and you should let him or her sleep at their convenience. Place your baby in the cradle after they are fed as they tend to sleep after feeding. Be sensitive to the baby’s sleep cues.

3. Keep the baby safe

Ensure the baby’s safety by making sure that the crib is placed at a safe location away from the windows so that the baby is protected from dust, rain, and other such harm. As active infants can wiggle and squirm when attracting attention, always keep one hand on them while they are on the couch or changing table. Use both hands to hold the baby to provide support to their neck as they are too small to support it themselves.

4. Take proper medical care

You must prevent your baby from coming in contact with an unhealthy or infected entity as your baby is vulnerable to contagious infections. Take your baby for proper immunization and vaccination. Check and change the diapers frequently as cleanliness is a way to ensure good hygiene for the little one. 

5. Play with the baby

Play and interact with your little baby whenever he or she is awake and in a playful mood. Play some music to grab their attention. Call them by their names. Introduce them to toys that are colorful and produce sounds like teethers or rattles. These can keep the baby entertained for a long time.

6. Seek help

You do not need to be a supermom and take care of everything yourself. You can ask for help from family members and trusted friends to run errands for you while you take care of the baby, or to watch over your baby while you take care of yourself.

7. Take shifts

Parenting is a job that requires effort from both the parents. Take shifts in changing the diapers or rocking the cranky baby to sleep. Do laundry and other chores turn by turn, i.e., one parent watches over the baby while the other gets things done.

Follow these tips to ensure your baby’s, as well as your health and well-being. We hope that this post helped you in some way and made your life a little easier. 

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