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7 Things Your Palm Says About Your Married Life

Whether you believe in palmistry or not, it is always nice to know what the meaning of those lines on your palm mean. If you have ever experienced deja vu or felt like you have somehow always known your husband, you will find this palm reading exercise extremely fun.

Men are supposed to look at the left palm and women are supposed to look at their right hand. Now, before we jump into the meaning of your palm lines, let us try and understand what the different lines on your palm are called:

- Heartline: The prominent horizontal line that crosses your palm and starts closer to your little finger.

- Headline: This is the horizontal line that is parallel to the heart line, right below the heart line and is closer to your thumb.

- Lifeline: The line that goes up from the wrist towards the headline on the palm.

- Marriage line: The tiny horizontal line above the heart line.

- Fate line: (rare) crosses right through the heart line and head line vertically

- Girdle of Venus: A semi-circle from your index finger to your little finger - indicates that you are going to have a rocky relationship.

- Mercury line: (rare) This is a line that starts from the lifeline and goes up to the mercury point. If this line is prominent on your hand, you may have digestion issues due to stress or external factors like a poor diet or intestinal parasites.

Now, here’s how to read about your relationship through your palm:

1. Age when you get married

Image source: Speaking Tree

The position of the marriage line indicates the age at which you may get married to the love of your life. If the line is halfway between your little finger and life line, it means you will get married in your mid-twenties. If it is less than halfway in between, you would get married in your early twenties. If it is three quarters up, it means you will get married in your late twenties to mid-thirties. If it is higher than that, you might get married in your forties.

2. Married life

Image source: Speaking Tree

Observing the marriage line will tell you what kind of married life you will have. If the marriage line has breaks or spaces in between, it means that you may separate for a short while before having a happy reunion. A smooth, long, straight line indicates that you will have a steady, happy married life.

3. Number of kids

Image source: Speaking Tree

Look at your marriage line carefully. You may notice a faint perpendicular line over this. The number of these perpendicular lines indicates how many kids you will have. If any of these lines split up into two, it indicates that you may possibly have twins.

4. Soulmates for several lifetimes

Image source: Speaking Tree

Check if there is any line that crosses your marriage line and the heart line. This indicates that you might have been with the same soulmate through several lifetimes.

5. Love at first sight

Image source: Speaking Tree

If you have star-like lines on your marriage line or union line, it means that you will fall in love at first sight. This means that you will fall in love with that person the moment you lay eyes on them and will be attracted to them right away.

6. The right time for love

Image source: Speaking Tree

Lines that start out from the heart line and extend upwards indicate a strong and compatible relationship. So you can figure out the right time for love by observing where these tiny lines appear.

7. Disappointment or heartbreak

Image source: Speaking Tree

Those tiny lines that come out from the heart line up to the base of your palm indicate that there may be a break in your relationship. If there is a horizontal line that connects the head line and heart line, you are probably going to have a troubled relationship.

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