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7 Things Your Mom Says To You Even After You Become a Mom

Mothers are great at life advice. What would we do without them? But though we realise this as we get older, we might have argued with them about everything when we were younger. To which our moms always said, “You’ll understand when you’re a mother too someday!”

Well, now that you ARE in fact a mother, you might be really understanding why your mom said what she said. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop saying these things. She’s going to continue saying what she has always said, because a mother can never stop being a mother.

Here are some things your mom says to you even AFTER you have a baby:

1. Call me when you reach

Your mom probably said this to you a lot when you were a young adult who had just started working or had moved to another city for work. It was important to your mother to know where you are at all times so that she could ensure you were safe. Now, a mom yourself, you probably still have to tell your mother when you get home from work or when you’re leaving to go somewhere. After all, just because you’ve grown up now, doesn’t mean your mom will stop worrying.

2. You should eat this!

“Drink your milk”, “eat your vegetables”, “spinach is so good for you.” You probably heard this a lot as a child, and then as a teenager and then as a young adult. But even after you move to a new home, have a baby and start taking care of it, your mother may call you and ask if you ate your daily 6 almonds, or whether you’ve been drinking a glass of milk everyday.

You’ll also still be forced to eat all of your mother’s delicious food (even if you’re full) when you go home to visit her. A mother never stops spoiling her beloved little ones, and she’s going to pamper your kid soon too! (Aren’t mothers a blessing?)

3. Why didn’t you pick up your phone?

When your mom calls you and you don’t pick up, she worries. So it’s only natural that she gives you a good scolding when you call her back later. Your mom knows that you’re very capable of taking care of yourself - after all, you’re taking care of yourself and your family too now. And yet, she still wants to ensure that you are safe or that you still have time for her.

So pick up your phone or call your mom back at the soonest. You know all she wants is to hear your voice and let you know she loves you!

4. Carry a jacket

Even if you’re a mother yourself, and you remember to dress your baby in the warmest of clothes while going out, your mom will always tell you to carry a jacket, scarf or sweater if she knows you’re going out. She still worries, after all these years, that you’ll catch a cold. So she’ll continue to make sure you’re making smart decisions like carrying your jacket on a cold evening.

5. Sleep early!

Now that you’ve spent months changing diapers in the middle of the night, you already know about the value of sleep. You might even think ‘mom was right’ when you think of how much she forced you to go to bed on time when you were younger. But even with this realisation, your mom will continue to tell you to go to bed on time every night. She’ll always worry that you’ll be too tired and won’t look after yourself while you’re busy looking after everyone else.

6. What can I do to help?

The best thing about your mom is that she’s always going to be ready to help you. Whether it’s simply listening to you talk or giving you advice about your kids or actually babysitting them when you have too much work to do. Your mom is a strong woman like you, and she’ll always ask you if she can help you out even when you convince her that you can manage it by yourself. She’ll always enjoy being a part of your life.

7. You’ll always be my baby

Your mom is going to say this no matter how old you get. Your mom is always going to love you as if you were born just yesterday!

Do you relate to these? Moms are never going to stop loving their kids. It is simply not in their nature. They are always going to love and care for you, so appreciate it and feel loved and happy.

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