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Men are oftentimes the most misunderstood creatures. We have formed a mental image of the perfect man and judge every other man by those criteria. But at the time, that is demanding to shed perceptions and presumptions, we tell you things you did not know about men, but are one hundred percent real.

1. They worry about their looks: 

It is not just the women who dream of having a perfect hourglass figure or wish to radiate beauty from their faces. Men are conscious about their looks too. They too want to have a ripped body and wish for the perfect jawline. Also, in a relationship, they might need constant reassurances about their physique.

2. They are sensitive:

 Men are easily hurt. It is just that, they are better at hiding it. They may be wearing a killing smile on their face but could be crying inside. Their ‘male ego’ gets bruised when they feel disrespected, but they might never tell you anything about it.

3. They cannot read minds: 

More than often, women love to drop hints. They always talk in a cryptic manner trying to wrap the real meaning or intention in between the words they speak. They want men to decipher the what they really want, and pick on hints and act on that. But men suck at it. They cannot pick up any hint or reveal your secret messages. They want you to be direct. If you want something from them, just say it plainly, and they will appreciate your straightforwardness.

4. They are shy too: 

They are too damn shy. There may be a guy you like and there is a good chance that he likes you too, and you are waiting for him to come up and talk to you but he will never do so. He is shy and will never be able to gather the courage to talk to you. So, if you do not want to lose a great guy, let go of your ego and walk up and talk to him. Once you get them to open up, they will turn out to be a bundle of surprises.

5. They are not immune to pain

Be it emotional or physical, men feel pain too. They do not like being hit hard for no reason, just because you want to be playful. They hate being pinched in the arm all the time and do not find it adorable. Also, speaking rude things during the argument is also not appreciated and you can really get them bummed inside.

6. They overthink everything:

 Men overthink about everything. More than often they keep thinking of things that are almost impossible to happen and keep worrying about them. Even then, instead of stopping their ridiculous thinking ritual, they start thinking of ways in which they can prevent it from happening. This fills them with fear and insecurities, and in the end, it all adds up to them doing something extremely stupid.

7. They love compliments: 

Just like women, men like getting compliments too for their looks, or their dressing style, and even the minor compliments make them feel nice. Men can be really insecure about themselves, and when you compliment them you build up their self-confidence and they will really like you for saying what you said.

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