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7 Things Which Scare Your Husband From Becoming A Dad

The baby is conceived by the mother and may grow up in her womb, but both the parents are pregnant. They have to face these nine months together and be each other’s support system while one of them physically brings the child in the world. It is, therefore, very common for one of the partners to become scared or worried or even tensed about this phase.

1. Life with a new family member

The arrival of a baby (or babies) could change all the equations of the life in those four walls. Schedules change, habits change and lifestyles change. Change is inevitable, but the idea of change is scary enough.

2. How would I deal with the needs of the baby?

The baby would obviously be dependent on the parents, and the mother, requiring attention herself, cannot contribute entirely by herself. So all the responsibility, primarily of the outside affairs, lie on the shoulders of the other parent, which is quite challenging. It is natural because the baby is going to be the most loved and hence all the care.

3. No more fun, eh?

Life without a baby sounds more fun, reckless and adventurous. Last-minute plans, long drives, crazy sex and what not. However, once the baby comes in, there is a fear of losing all the fun. Though, as the baby becomes a part of their lives, parents know very well how to make the most out of every moment.

4. What if I turn out to be a bad parent?

It is a genuine and common worry among expecting dads or moms. They want to give the best to their babies and always end up overthinking how to be the best versions of themselves. After all, they are the ones going to set examples for their babies.

5. Will this take away our love?

Sometimes, the baby seems like a competitor because the love among the partners could get divided. It is only after having the baby that parents realize that their love is just going to multiply.

6. And what about the expenses?

As much care and affection a baby needs, it costs a lot too because nothing except the precious love of the parents is free of cost. People with even the most stable of careers cannot help but worry about the financial scene post having a baby.

7. Gosh, how will I be able to take care of the little one?

What if I drop him/her while holding? What if he/she won’t stop crying in my lap? What if I am not able to give him/her everything he/she needs? What if I do not set a perfect example for him? These worries are so genuine and sweet that they just make us smile. To all the ‘to-be moms and dads’, believe us, you are going to be the best parents ever!

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