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7 Things To Do When Your Sister Is Expecting


Sisterhood is a sacred bond. Your sister is probably the one that you’re the closest to, and she listens to all your secrets and complaints, answers your questions, and is pretty much like a second mother to you. It’s only natural that you want to be there for her during all her big moments - her pregnancy being one of those moments.

Pregnancy is a special time, and as happy as your sister is about her pregnancy, she needs you to support her emotionally and simply give her assurance that it will all be okay!

Moreover, you’re going to also be over the moon feeling happy for her during this period and you’ll want to do anything possible to make her feel special. Here are some things you can do to support your sister or just be a part of her pregnancy and motherhood journey.

1. Talk to the bump

Moms do this all the time. They talk to their bump. It will mean the world to your sister to know that you too can relate to her new habit. You can tell the baby you’re his/her aunt, and that you’re excited to meet them. Your sister will love to know that you too can think about the baby the way she does.

2. Buy her and the baby some gifts

Doesn’t the thought of dressing your nephew or niece with cute clothes excite you? Or gifting your sister something that might be really useful for her during her pregnancy - be it clothes or a great lotion for all her rashes! Either way, you love the idea of pampering your sister and her little one and this is the time to go on that splurge! If you’re not sure what to buy them, we have a list of great ideas to help you buy the best gifts for your pregnant sister and her baby.

3. Spa days together

With all the pregnancy aches and pains your sister will experience, she’s going to need to feel better. What better way to pamper her than taking her for a massage or a pedicure? You can enjoy each other’s company and feel relaxed and satisfied.

4. Listen to her

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal ups and downs, and your sister may need a friend more than ever now. So just listen to her complaints or happy stories, lend an ear and let her know you care enough to simply listen to what she wants to say. Your support is something she will need and be grateful for.

5. Answer all her questions (or try to)

Pregnancy comes with a million doubts - “Is this okay?” “What’s the best thing?” and naturally, your sister is going to have these questions too. Sometimes, all she needs is for you to entertain her questions as valid. Don’t brush any of them off, and if you can, try to find reliable answers to her questions. She’s going to ask a doctor anyway, but don’t make her wonder if she should.

6. Throw her a baby shower

This goes without saying. As the sister and best friend of the to-be-mom, and as an about-to-be aunt, it’s a part of your aunt-hood. You can have a small get-together with just the closest friends and family members. Make it all about her and her pregnancy.

7. Encourage her to be healthy

This might be unnecessary if your sister already has good habits and takes care of herself, but it never hurts to tell her that she has to keep herself healthy. Keep her accountable - ask her whether she’s had enough water, eaten breakfast, or done her daily meditation routine. Of course, you don’t have to do this all the time, but once in a while, you can ask her about these things very casually.

You’re going to be super-excited about becoming an aunt, so make sure your sister knows! Is your sister expecting? What plans do you have for her pregnancy? Hope these tips can help!

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