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7 Things That Make Your Vagina Smell Funky

Just like how each fingerprint is unique in nature, the smell of every vagina is unique too. Every girl has a naturally fragrant vagina. The smell changes throughout the periods.

There are times when the smell is peculiarly bad. It is probably a sign of infection. Now you may think that you’re the only one who might be walking on this stinky path. Not many women are open about their vaginal health, therefore, you might feel weird even talking about it.

Your vagina naturally consists of bacteria, but due to its overgrowth, it begins to smell fishy and it becomes unpleasant even for you.

There are plenty reasons why your vag could be giving a stench. Here are the possible reasons:   

1.Spicy food

You eat spicy food and you become a fire-breathing dragon from both your ends. Consuming spicy food can alter your vagina scent and it could give leave you smelling like fish down there.

2. Tight clothing

You live in India and the temperature is usually too hot to handle. So you tend to sweat a lot. When you wear tight clothes, your sweat doesn’t get a gap to evaporate. Therefore it stays lingering on your body. It causes itchiness and irritability. If kept closed for longer durations, it could potentially cause you a bacterial infection.


The scent and conditioners in you common detergents can cause itching in your genitals. You can’t just help it but scratch till you feel comforted. It causes rashes and redness.



Make it a point to rinse yourself after having some rigorous sessions in bed. It is just like washing your body after a rough day at work. It will stop the bacteria from growing due to the moisture.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnancy alters a woman’s body completely. It brings in changes in the pH levels of the woman’s vagina and this imbalance can cause an unpleasant smell down there.

6. Too much washing

Not maintaining good hygiene causes bad odour but overdoing it will mess up your body’s natural scent. It could smell just weird.

7. Condoms

Condoms are contraceptives which contain chemicals and they’re hypoallergenic in nature. Although it cleanses the vagina it leaves your genitals smelling like a fish.

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