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7 Things That Make Pregnancy Easier!

Let’s be honest - Pregnancy is hard. Sometimes it’s as hard as it gets. Most pregnant moms are a confused bundle of hormones mixed with unsolicited advice from near and dear. But don’t worry, mommies, we’ve got you covered. Here a few things you can do during pregnancy that are sure to make things easier:

1. Practise self-love

Life itself can get super stressful at times and by adding pregnancy to mix, it is only bound to make you more anxious. Self-love, where you appreciate yourself and the life that you leading can go a long way in making your pregnancy smooth. Put your personal care on priority and do whatever it takes to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

2. Don’t be a superhero

There’s no doubt that moms are superheroes. They’re capable of doing so much and beyond to protect their family. This selflessness is much appreciated but during pregnancy, taking everything on your shoulders will be nothing but a bust. It’s okay to delegate certain tasks to others and chill because you will never get a better reason than pregnancy to do so.

3. Set limits

Pregnancy can take a toll on your life if you don’t set certain boundaries. For example, if you’re a working woman, then tell your co-workers that you can’t be working extra on the weekends or after you reach home because that’s your mommy and baby bonding time. You should also set certain limits for yourself in order to have an easy-breezy pregnancy sail.

4. Bond with your baby

Instead of seeing pregnancy as a growing bump, take some time off your day to bond with your unborn baby. This can happen in different forms - Some mothers practice prenatal meditation that helps them clear their minds and get in sync with their babies. You can even touch, caress your bump and visualize what your baby might be up to. You will be enamoured by the fact that there’s life growing in you and that will give you all the motivation you need to get through your pregnancy successfully.

5. Get Prenatal massages

With rapid body growth, you are bound to get uncomfortable. Prenatal massages are a great way to get your skin all soft and stretchy to accommodate your baby better. The best massage you can get for yourself is from a masseuse who specializes in prenatal massages. This might sound expensive but it’ll be totally worth it.

6. Don’t give up on your hobbies

Happiness is the key to making anything easy. If doing certain things like listening to music, stitching or reading magazines, makes you happy then don’t give them up during pregnancy. These little joys matter more than you think. If you have a little time on your hands, then even consider taking up new hobbies.

7. Have a strong support system

Friends and family members who are there for you at every step of your pregnancy to guide and support you will keep you emotionally balanced. Every time you feel lonely or just scared, it’s always good to have a person at a phone call reach that has the ability to calm you down. It’s almost like free therapy but better. 

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