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7 Things That Kill Your Husband's Sex Drive

Sex is an integral part of a healthy marriage and if your man's losing his enthusiasm for intimacy one of these libido killers might be the reason.

Take a look,

1. Stress

May it be work related or personal, stress impacts sex drive negatively, in men and women alike. To get aroused while being bothered by something seemingly important is an impossibility. Rather than getting annoyed, comfort and assist him in solving the issue at hand. Emotional imbalance has the same effect, communicate well.

2. Alcohol and caffeine

Over consumption of any of these certainly leads to a dip in the sex drive with alcohol going a step further to affect erectile and orgasmic function. Caffeine, on the other hand, is known for inducing anxiety and hyperactivity which may reduce the desire for sex. However, being a stimulant, caffeine heightens vigor in the sexual activity when taken in recommended amounts in the form of coffee or energy drinks.

3. Lack of sleep

Chronic loss of sleep can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Fewer than advised hours of sleep ( 6-7 hours for adults ) eventually results in lowering of testosterone levels which plays a key role in a man's sex drive. Also, sleep deprivation is often linked to depression and prescription of antidepressants worsen the condition, due to the medical side effects that accompany such drugs.

4. Exercise

This one might come as a surprise because everyone knows that too little exercise might lower your sex drive but contrary to popular belief, over exertion has the same effect. Excessive exercising has been associated with overeating and can lead to Body Dysmorphic Disorder which affects the natural libido in men by putting the body in a catabolic-like state. However, encourage moderate exercising routines like mild cardio and strength training, this will surely keep him fit and feeling sexy.

5. Being embarrassed by your own body

This tends to happen during and after pregnancy when women are likely to be overly conscious of their physical appearance and end up acting embarrassed by their own bodies. This is a huge turn-off, he understands the state you're in but don't turn down the occasional advances and deny yourself and him the pleasure only because you 'feel' unattractive.

6. Porn

Frequent viewing of porn followed by masturbation can cause over-stimulation of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that triggers sexual pleasure. If this occurs, again and again, it becomes difficult for the brain to respond. This can be reversed by avoiding repeated pornography and sticking to healthier masturbating habits such as fantasizing or even better, sex. It might sound easy, but men often have a hard time controlling this behavior by themselves, which is why often people seek professional help.

7. Talking about other guys

No man wishes to listen to the praises of another one at dinner, you wouldn't want him talking to you about women at work, right? With the world around being bothersome enough, he looks forward to spending the rest of the evening with you and having a good time. Try and avoid bringing other men to the conversation..

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