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7 Things That Can Happen When You Leave Dads Alone With The Kids

Dads are amazingly talented parents. They are creative, efficient and more than anything they are known for jugaad. When they are left alone with the kids, they will find a way to get the kids to finish up their food, get dressed, finish chores and go to bed without having to even move from the couch.

This may involve having to get dressed fast to get a chocolate from dad, a race to see who finishes up all the food on their plate, and getting into bed before the monsters come out to play. Even if these methods are going to be troublesome for mommy the next day, you have to admit that somehow, magically they work when daddy does it. 

We have all experienced or at least witnessed leaving the dad alone with the kids. The results are not always ideal but they are definitely entertaining. So let us take a look at some hilarious things that have happened when a father was left alone with his kids.

1. Gaming sessions

The kids want in on the video games that their dad plays. Dad doesn’t want to ruin his XBox/PlayStation though. So what does he do? He doesn’t plug in their remote controls. That way everyone’s happy and dad gets to play his game.

2. Access to makeup


Alone with the kids. Mom’s makeup kit is outside. Mom won’t be back for another hour. Perfect time to draw on some scary eyebrows and moustache on the little cutie, right? Right!

3. Matching hairdo’s

Most dads fall prey to their darling daughters and need to go through with whatever hairstyle their daughter fancies at the moment - just like this father and daughter pair with matching hair clips.

4. They want to have fun

Who says kids have all the fun? Dads can have fun too! This dad took having fun with the kids to another level - even while bathing them, he managed to draw on a foamy new hairdo, bushy brows and of, course, a soft beard.

5. Photography skills

When mom isn’t around watching, the dad takes this opportunity to create the funniest photos possible from the little time they have alone with the kids. This dad officially got his baby on the Harley Davidson crew in less than an hour!

6. Snacking Hacks

Kids are hard to please and they will only listen to other kids. Dads are kids at heart so when they suggest weird snacks that they like, kids will end up liking it too. Side effects: kids end up taking bites out of the slab of butter because it is oh, so hard to resist. :/

7. Dressing up is so much better

When it comes to dressing up for costume themed parties, dads are ready to dress up with their kids. This father dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood because her daughter wanted to dress up as the wolf for Halloween. 

This just shows why kids can’t be left alone with the dads. xD ...Or should we leave them with kids to get some entertainment? :P

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