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7 Things That Are More Painful Than Delivery

Sorry to pop your bubble, but childbirth isn’t the most painful thing to undergo. Although it creates a widespread anxiety among most women even if they’re delivering for the second time, it isn’t as painful as the following things:   

1.Migraine Headache

They’re tremendously painful and they’re not the simple kind of headaches where you can just pop a pill and sleep it out. You end up losing hours or days trying to feel better. You’ll have symptoms like vomiting, nausea, light sensitivity.

2.Root Canal

This pain is considered slightly more painful than labour pain. If you manage to get a root canal without pain...good for you! But remember to be prepared for after-effects. It will not let you even sleep well at night!

3. Broken Bones

A woman who broke her ribs once said that broken bones are more painful than childbirth. You can’t even lie down or sleep properly! But you can sleep well even if you just gave birth.

4.Kidney stones

If a woman has undergone the trauma of kidney stones, she will find childbirth easy peezy. It is like a man giving birth to a baby!

5. Bladder Infections

It causes a major burning sensation internally and makes you have frequent urges to pee. You experience excruciating pain in the lower abdominal sides and you also notice blood in your urine.

6. Induced labor

Your body is forceful and quickly thrown into labor with the help of medicines and your body reacts to it. It causes tremendous pain throughout the body as you’re disturbing its natural process.

7. Gallstones

These stones can cause a bit of pain in the beginning but they get worse. You’ll experience a wave of painful attacks often. The symptoms are nausea, backache, fever and excessive vomiting. 

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