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7 Things Only Breastfeeding Moms Will Understand

Breast milk is the most important and nutritious food for a baby. Once the child is born, doctors recommend a compulsory breastfeeding time for at least 6 months. Breastfeeding itself is a rather interesting process. Being one of the most intimate processes, it not only gives nutrition to the child but also leads to the bonding between the mother and her baby. And as such, there are certain things that no one except breastfeeding moms would get. So, as a tribute to all the breastfeeding moms, we would like to tell you about 7 things that only breastfeeding mom would relate to.

1. Uneven breasts

In general, a woman has one breast slightly bigger than the other one. But this difference is not generally that prominent for even the woman to notice. However, during breastfeeding, the breasts tend to be filled with milk. As such, there are chances that your little one might prefer one breast more than the other. As a result, that one breast will fill sooner than the other. So, you are more likely to have a more prominent difference in the breast size.

2. Breastfeeding in public

Your baby runs on a different clock and timetable than you. They don’t care where you are or what you are doing. When they want to feed, they just want to feed. And so, you have to feed them even if you are sitting in a market. As a result, you might get 2-3 people around you making faces or even staring at what you are doing. But don’t worry. It’s your baby that matters. If others have a problem with it then they can move away or not see it. You do what you need to do.

3. Getting dressed

Gone are those days when you used to think about what bra will go better with the dress you are wearing and what dress will highlight your best features. Now, it’s all about which dress is easier to open and how easily you can open your bra so that your little one gets to feed easily. After that, you need to be prepared to close it up easily as well. So, having some trendy clothes is no longer an option because they might be difficult to open and will get spoiled as well.

4. Bite on the nipple

Your little one doesn’t know exactly how to breastfeed and obviously, it will take some time to figure it out. At that time it is obvious they will try to squeeze the nipple a bit harder from their mouth. Little do they know that it is going to hurt you and you might end up feeling severe pain.

5. Eating everything and anything

Little do people understand that most of the nutrition that the baby gets is from what the mother is eating. As a result, most of the mother’s usual diet goes into making milk for the baby. And so, the mother needs to eat a lot of food and at short intervals. The calories burning in a breastfeeding mom are actually quite a lot.

6. Jealous husband

Another little thing that only a breastfeeding mom will understand is that the husband sometimes tends to get jealous of how the baby is getting all the time and attention. And add the breastfeeding on top of it, it’s as if the little one is just teasing his/her dad. Yet, the dad loves his baby as well but it is only human to get a little jealous.

7. Curing everything with a little breastmilk

Believe it or not, breast milk is indeed one of the best things for curing a lot of things even externally. Breast milk consists a lot of nutrients and beneficial cells which are definitely something that can cure almost everything. So, your husband might be baffled by why you have put some breast milk on your little one’s acne but you will definitely know the reason.

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