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7 Things Moms Must Do After Giving Birth

Motherhood brings a lot of joy and a lot of responsibilities. Trying to be the perfect pant when you're running around with little to no sleep and taking care of your baby and the household is super stressful - There's no denying it! But there are certain things a new mom must do right after childbirth before it's too late. Here are a few of them:  

1. Wear a corset

A lot of new moms complain about loose skin around the belly. The best way to tighten this skin is to wear a girdle or a corset. It might sound a little old-fashioned, but it actually works. This girdle, however, doesn’t have to be super tight and constricting, make sure you’re comfortable in it. You can wear your everyday clothes above it. WARNING: If you’ve had a C-section, your wounds will still be fresh after giving birth so ask your doctor before wearing a corset.

2. Take a long bath

As a new mom, you deserve not a little, but a lot of pampering. If you have a bathtub or a jacuzzi, don’t hesitate to take a nice, long bath. Apart from giving you a sense of peace, long baths are also great for helping you heal faster. Certain infections like UTIs that moms are susceptible to after childbirth can also be prevented by indulging yourself in a bath.

3. Make appointments with the paediatrician

Now that you have a tiny human to take care of, you also should consult with a paediatrician along with a gynaecologist. They will tell you about the various vaccinations, medicines and other things that need to be part of your little one’s routine. It’s always better to schedule weekly or monthly appointments with the paediatrician in advance.

4. Practise kegels  

During childbirth, your insides are shaken up a little. During this crucial time of recovery, exercise is very important. We’re not talking about sweaty, bendy exercise. This might be hard to do as a new mom and in fact, you are advised against it. Light yoga and walking are recommended. Apart from this, kegels should also be included in your exercise regime. Exercising your vagina muscles will tighten them since they’re stretched during labour.

5. Keep your little one close

Skin-to-skin contact is very important for newborns. Hold your child close to you, so that they can feel comfortable in your warmth. Your heartbeats are a soothing music to your little one’s ears. It will also help in boosting the immunity system of your baby and making sure they fall asleep faster.

6. Drink lots of water

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Don’t reach for sugary drinks or juices when you’re thirsty, water is all you need. Staying hydrated will help in keeping your skin glowing, boosting the immune levels and also increasing the breast milk supply.

7. Ask and accept help

Post-childbirth is no time to be a superhero and take on all the responsibilities on your shoulders. Don’t hesitate to ask your husband or your loved ones for help and don’t be too proud to accept help when offered unasked. Breastfeeding, changing diapers, putting your baby to sleep, bathing your baby and so much more- It’s an all hands situation, mommy. 


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