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7 Things Every Pregnant Mom Can Easily Relate To

Pregnancy is the hardest yet the most rewarding phase of a woman’s life. It comes through its own share of challenges and intense emotions that make you terrified and excited at the same time. From the weirdest food cravings to sleeping in a fortress of pillows and waddling like a penguin you’ll get used to many things that never happened before. If you’re expecting a little angel soon then here are few things we bet you would definitely experience and without them, your pregnancy journey won’t get complete.

Pregnancy Glow

One of the greatest surprises that pregnancy has in store is that you can look amazing through your whole pregnancy. The reason we’re saying this is because of the celebrated glow that every pregnant woman has without the need of a highlighter. The increased volume of blood during pregnancy imparts a rosy shine to your skin and your face looks brighter. We bet you won’t be able to resist the waxy sheen on a pregnant mom’s face. Even when you want it you can’t get it until you get ready for the good news!

Mood swings that last all day

Have you ever demanded an ice cream in the middle of the night and have cried when the butler forgot to put mayonnaise on your loaf of bread? If yes then congratulations on being pregnant! Since the hormones are taking control on your mind during pregnancy you can become wacky at any point in time. Don’t panic if you seem to be unable to control your emotions as your hormones are doing the talking and not you and this state of flux will soon pass after the delivery of the baby.

Eating whatever you want, whenever you want

Eating whatever you want comes as a right of pregnancy. Pregnant women are entitled to whatever fuel they want because they feel physically hungry after even a big meal when their body becomes a baby factory. Taking cheesecake and biryani for breakfast and finger fries and lemonade for lunch is absolutely normal for pregnant moms. Believe me, you wouldn’t brag about it once your body balloons to 50% of its normal size.

Way too much advice pouring into your ears

If you’re pregnant then get ready for an overload of advice from every other person that you’ll meet from now on. Even when you meet a stranger you’ll be bombarded with tons of advice regarding the dos and don'ts of pregnancy. Your relatives will chastise you for everything from eating raw papaya to doing exercise during this phase. Sometimes you may even feel like the Queen who’s not even allowed to put the utensils in their place after eating.

Temperature fluctuation in your body

Have you ever drenched with sweat inside your room when there is ice dripping outside your room? Only pregnant moms know what it is like to feel hot even when the air conditioner is on and everybody is layered in piles of clothes. Temperature fluctuation is normal during pregnancy as the hormones are constantly rising up and this leads to the increase in the temperature of your body. This doesn’t mean you won’t need your hot clothes during winters, it will only happen at some point when your hormones rise to the highest peak.

The urge to pee the whole night 

Pregnant moms often feel the kick over their bladder because of the movement of the baby inside the womb which leads to the increase in the urge of urination and their bladder becomes hyperactive. You might feel overworked due to the constant trip to the bathroom and thus it becomes necessary to drink lots of water during pregnancy. This will not only help in fluid retention in your body but will also give you the power to flush out toxins from your body. The urge of urination is so high during this phase that you’ll pee at least 20 times in a day.

Maternity clothes become your style statement

During pregnancy, every woman looks for comfort and ease and the maternity clothes are the best solution to keep you stylish even when you feel heavy and exhausted. It is tricky to find the right fit during pregnancy because of the baby bump but when you have your maternity clothes on hand you can feel good even without putting too much of effort. Build a simple maternity wardrobe with comfortable and stylish maternity clothes and flatter everyone around you.

If you’re pregnant then we bet you’ll definitely relate to these signs and symptoms. Even with stretched skin and increasing weight you can feel and look beautiful. We’re not saying this alone ask any of the to-be-moms and they’ll nod their head in a big “yes”. 

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