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Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re taking care of a tiny little human and you might often forget about yourself in the process. We’re sure you’re stocking up on diapers, pacifiers, and other baby essentials but have you bought anything that’ll make motherhood easier for you? Here are few such things you should not miss out on when you become a mother:

Nipple cream

If you are breastfeeding mom then your nipples might become sore, cracked or chapped. To prevent this from happening, a nipple cream or a soothing salve that is made out of herbs will be really helpful.

Nipple shields

Breastfeeding is not a walk in the park for every mother. Certain things like flat or inverted nipples and latching problems can make breastfeeding really frustrating for both the mom and the baby. Lactation experts recommend using a nipple shield until the latching technique of your baby improves.

Nursing pads

When you’re not breastfeeding your child, there are chances of you leaking breast milk. This might make a very visible stain on your top. To avoid this from happening, using nursing pads are necessary. You can either go for the disposable kind or reusable kind if you want to save some money.

Nursing bras/Tops

Most of your pre-pregnancy tops and bra won’t be convenient for you to breastfeed. So stock up on nursing bras, tops, and nighties that’ll make this job easier for you so that you can immediately feed your child when s/he is hungry.

Heating/cooling pads

Once you give birth you can expect a lot of body parts like your tummy, legs, back and even your head to ache. Having a heating/cooling pad will really come in handy in such cases and the instant relief it provides is immeasurable.

Bath salt

Herbal bath salts are great for sore, achy body parts. Just fill your bathtub or the bucket with required quantity of bath salt and rest your muscles for a while. It not only smells really good, the bath salt is a great way to chill and take some time for yourself.

Maxi pads

After delivery, you can expect vaginal bleeding because of the shedding of the uterus lining. This can last anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks. So stock up on maxi pads because you wouldn’t have used them in the last 9 months but you’ll be needing them now.

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