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7 Things Every Husband Should Do After His Wife Gives Birth

Pregnancy is hard but dealing with things postpartum is also hard and husbands have a bigger role in this than one would think. A supportive spouse is the key for getting through any challenge especially if it’s a life altering one like giving birth to a child. Here are a few things husbands must do for their wives right after pregnancy:

1. Take household chores out of your hand

Maybe your husband has always been the kind who’s given you a hand in doing the chores around the house but in the first few months that follow childbirth, it is very important that you don’t strain yourself. Contributing towards household chores earns an A+ from our side.

2. Show some love

Often after childbirth, women tend to get self-conscious about their bodies. After all, your body has gone through a lot and given life to a human being so of course it won’t be the same as before but that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. Who better to reassure you and give you that kick of confidence than your dear husband?

3. Massages are the solution to everything

Muscles you never even knew existed before will start to ache after childbirth so don’t hesitate to ask your husband for a soothing massage. If he offers it himself then well and good. Hiring a masseuse (especially one who specializes in postpartum massages) will also be much appreciated.

4. Taking care of the baby

When the baby is crying, a better alternative for husbands than just calling out their wives for help is to take charge. Just holding the baby and crooning would make the baby feel instantly better. If your child wakes up in the middle of the night it doesn’t always have to be the mom who runs to the rescue.

5. Be encouraging

A new mother already has a lot on her shoulders. So it’s better for the husbands to let go off the complaining side and be the beacon of light their wives need in that moment. Supporting you and telling you that everything is going to be okay should be the number one thing on the to-do list of your husband.

6. Don’t wait for instructions

It’s true that it’s better to be safe than sorry but come on, do hubby really need to ask their wives for everything. If the mom is sleeping and it’s time for a stroll, then take the baby out and if it’s feeding time, get that bottle out. It’s that simple, right?

7. Do it with a smile

Last but not at all the least - Whatever is done for the wifey has to be done cheerfully. You don’t want to see your husband walking around scowling while doing the laundry or the dishes, do you? Any wife would adore the fact that the hubby is helping her out because he wants to and not because he’s forced into it. 

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