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Even though you think you’ve got this pregnancy all planned out, with the set due date and names for your baby, without these items, you’ll definitely be at a loss! To make the first few months after delivery easier, make sure you’ve shopped for these products to make your life much simpler.

1. A camera

Whether it’s your first child or your second or your third, capturing important moments to look back on is always a good idea. So make sure you have a camera always within reach as the best events are always unexpected!

2. Diapers

This goes without saying, diapers are one of the most essential things to buy for your baby to ensure your home isn’t scattered with puddles of pee. Whether cloth or disposable diapers is upto you but remember that there is no such thing as too many diapers.

3. A baby seat

Having a baby doesn’t mean your outings should stop. Make sure you invest in a baby seat for your car to ensure your baby is strapped in safely during your journeys to wherever. They can’t be strapped under the seat belt in the front or back seat, so this is your best alternative.

4. A baby carrier

This is basically like carrying a schoolbag all over again, except this schoolbag might cry or fall asleep any moment. Don’t postpone important tasks in the name of your baby, and don’t neglect your baby either. You can now do both using a baby carrier, for both moms and dads.

5. A stroller

If carrying your baby around everywhere doesn’t suit you, that’s perfectly alright. A good stroller can help your baby sleep comfortably while you roam streets or go about completing daily activities. Just make sure never to leave the stroller unattended at any point.

6. Crib

You’ll probably want all the sleep you can get and that would be a little hard to get if you know there’s a tiny, extremely fragile person lying between you and your husband. Buy a crib so you know there are no chances of your baby rolling over and falling or you sleeping on them accidentally.

7. Baby wipes

Washing your child with water may not be convenient at a lot of places and in a lot of situations. Always keep a packet of baby wipes to cool your child off in case they spill food on themselves and you need to clean them up.

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