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7 Signs That Your Unborn Baby Is Not Doing So Well

Your little one that is growing in your womb is delicate and has a very weak immune system which means she’s prone to more diseases If there’s a problem it becomes very hard to detect because you obviously can’t see your baby but there are certain signs that indicate a health issue and they are as follows:

1. No heartbeat

This is, of course, an obvious sign. You should be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat somewhere around the 10th week of your pregnancy because that’s the time when the heartbeat becomes audible with the doppler test even though the heart starts beating as early as the 5th week. This can happen due to many reasons such as inhabitable environment for the fetus or stress.    

2. Cramps

It is common to get cramps during pregnancy, ones similar to those you get when you’re on your period. This is because of the blood flow to the uterus. But if this becomes almost too much to bear or it persists for a long time then it might lead to bleeding. Especially in the second and the third trimester, it may indicate an early labour.

3. Bleeding

Any amount of vaginal bleeding is not safe during pregnancy. Although it doesn’t indicate a miscarriage every time, it could be because of hormonal imbalance or a placenta-related problem. Sometimes the baby is delivered earlier if the bleeding is due to the latter.

4. Severe back pain



Every pregnant woman would’ve experienced back pain at one or the other point in her pregnancy. This is because of the center of gravity shifts due to the excess weight in the front. But if the back pain is uncontrollable or just won’t go away, then it might indicate a kidney or a bladder infection.

5. Unusual vaginal discharge

A normal vaginal discharge is one which is odourless and colourless or white. But if you see a discharge that has a strong odor or a little spotting of blood or even accompanied by pain then it might indicate that the baby is not doing so well. This might mean that the cervix opened up earlier than it should’ve.


Intrauterine growth resistance (IUGR) is a test that is done to determine if the baby is growing appropriately with time. Babies who aren’t the right size for the gestational period can have problems related to breathing, body temperature, and even blood pressure right after they are born.

7. No movement

Your baby should be active and kicking at around 20 weeks of your pregnancy - you should experience at least 10 kicks in a period of two hours. If you feel like your baby isn’t moving enough then it may be because she is under distress. 

Moms, it is important to know that this information is just to make you more aware and not to scare you off. If you notice anything unusual in your pregnancy, don’t delay getting it checked up. 

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