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7 Signs That Your Marriage Is A Happy One

A time will come in every marriage when one would wonder if it is a happy one or not, this is absolutely normal. Be assured that no matter how happy marriages look, each one of those have their own flaws. Every marriage has its ups and downs, yours is not going to be anything different. Your duty as a spouse is to ensure that you both overcome the obstacles and not ignore them.

A happy marriage is not only a stress buster for you, but it also encourages you to do better in every other field. It will surprise you to know that a happy marriage can keep you away from numerous stress-related diseases. A happy marriage is also quite instrumental in bringing up well-mannered children. 

These are a few signs that show you have a happy marriage-

1. Trust

One of the biggest binding forces of a marriage is the existence of trust among both spouses. When you know your spouse trusts you and you do the same, you can be rest assured that your marriage is a happy one. The moment you stop trusting each other, it gives way for numerous complications.

2. Attraction

In the due course of your marriage, you may fall out of attraction with your spouse. This is when you have to put your best effort at making sure your spouse is still attracted to you. The moment your physical attraction fizzles out, you tend to compare your lifestyle with other couples.

3. Past mistakes

Pointing out past mistakes is a vindictive move during arguments. They tend to belittle the other, this does not put the both of you on par with the other. It becomes a power game. Ensure that such a situation is avoided at all costs. Do not hold onto grudges, set an example for the other. Your spouse will pick up on these and try to follow you. When your spouse chooses to stick to the argument at hand, you know for a fact that your marriage is a healthy one.

4. Chores

It is an absolute delight to have a spouse that helps you with the household chores. Do not disparage any effort that your spouse makes to lend a helping hand. You would rather have them do something than nothing at all. Use these moments as your time to talk to each other, it will become your favourite moment of the day.

5. Decisions

When your spouse confides in you for any decision making, make sure you give them the time and attention they need. No matter what the decision is, you play a major role in it and you might as well have a say in it. Do not enforce your decisions upon your spouse, just encourage them to do the right thing.

6. Appreciation

For every small or big act, your spouse is looking for appreciation. There is no harm in appreciating your spouse if it keeps the other happy. Notice and appreciate every small gesture, it is the key to a successful marriage. Let's face it, any appreciation makes your day a lot happier, why not share it with the other half of your marriage.

7. Spending time

Through your busy schedule you try and make time for the other, this is a sign that your marriage is an absolute delight. Spending time with each other is an important part of marriage. The moment you get comfortable with staying alone for too long, it brings in complications of different sorts. Spend a few minutes with each other everyday and bond over things that interest the both of you, talk about your day. These moments will become a much needed routine.  

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