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7 Signs That You May Be Having Twins

Observing signs of pregnancy is an exciting experience. You feel the thrill of anticipation, as well as joy about becoming a parent. But during pregnancy, there are times when you might wonder if you’re having twins - maybe it’s just a feeling - and the feeling excites you and makes you wonder. So imagine if you knew the signs that would help you figure out if you are expecting twins or not.

Finding out that you’re pregnant with twins can only be confirmed by your doctor, but even before that, there are certain signs you can look out for that might hint to a twin pregnancy. Here are some signs to look out for:

1. More Morning Sickness


Although this is not an important sign that you’re carrying twins, moms who have had a multiple birth pregnancy were more likely to have more morning sickness. Especially because morning sickness is experienced by almost all pregnant women, it’s likely that these symptoms will be aggravated by the presence of more than one baby.

2. Gaining weight faster

Though this is not a significantly higher number on the scale, you’re likely to gain weight faster when you are pregnant with twins. But be warned, because weight gain could also point to other factors like how active you are, or the food you eat. It also depends on your height, body type and your weight before pregnancy.

3. Growing faster

The doctor will regularly take measurements to check the growth of your baby, and women who are carrying more than one baby, will have measurements that increase faster. Doctors measure your fundal height (from your uterus to pubic bone) to check growth, and if this is increasing faster than what’s expected at your stage of pregnancy, it could point to a multiple birth. Your doctor will often investigate to confirm that if they suspect that you may have twins. But this increase could again, be a result of your body type or lifestyle.

4. Detecting Fetal Movements Early

Usually, women feel fetal movement around the beginning or middle of the second trimester, but this varies with each woman. Though doctors cannot seem to agree on whether it’s true, moms with twins or triplets have experienced the baby’s movement earlier than moms who have had one baby. If you experience your baby’s movements early, it could be a sign, but it also could be a result of individual differences - every pregnancy is different and unique, you see?

5. Two heartbeats?

As early as the end of the first trimester, some experienced doctors can identify whether the heartbeats you hear belong to more than one baby. But deciding on this too early can be misleading, because often, the second heartbeat could be the same baby’s heartbeat echoing! However, if the Doppler system and an experienced professional can suggest a multiple pregnancy, go ahead and celebrate!

6. Elevated pregnancy hormones

Pregnancy tests usually check for an elevation of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone. But your home pregnancy tests are not going to tell you if you have twins - they only detect if you may be pregnant. When the levels of this hormone are higher than the usual high level during your pregnancy, doctors will check if you have multiple births. Doctors don’t check for these levels regularly unless you’re pregnant through fertility treatments.

7. Ultrasound scans

Finally, the most accurate way to check for a twin birth is an ultrasound scan, which will usually show two babies in the womb. Modern technology has allowed for such precision, but older ultrasound technology could sometimes miss the twin baby if it was being hidden by the other baby! Good thing technology can help you out, huh? No matter what your signs or symptoms, an ultrasound is the only foolproof way of confirming that you have twins.

So if you have a very strong suspicion that you’re expecting twins, it’s okay to ask your doctor, so that they can check for this and give you the right medical care you need. And if your suspicion turns out wrong, then you can still relax as you know you won’t have to worry about not detecting the twin. The point is, knowing is a good thing! Always rely on reliable sources before you assume anything - your doctor is the best person for this and openly asking them your questions is a good way to make the best use of your pregnancy appointments.

Have you found out if you are having twin babies? Did you notice any of these things during pregnancy? Help other moms out too and share your experiences!

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