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Most of us are so busy looking for "The One" that we completely ignore subtle signs that they might actually be our soulmates. Speaking about soulmates, they aren't just people with whom you could have a romantic relationship. Soulmates are people with whom you feel your soul connect, quite literally. They are people who make you feel cherished, adored, loved and protected. Soulmates are the people you want to keep in your life, no matter what. They are the people who complement you as a person and help you be a better human being.

Having or finding a soulmate can be an incredible experience. But it goes without saying, that like all relationships, these relationships too, require your time and effort. These relationships can be quite intense and here are a few signs that you may not have really thought of looking for in a soulmate:

1. No Jealousy

When people genuinely want something good to happen to you, they rejoice in your happiness and support you when you most need it. While some jealousy in relationships is okay, there shouldn't be so much that you need to worry about it. Soulmates have a deep connection which flows unhindered and they do not need their significant other to always be showing it to them. This being said, it is still definitely necessary to show your love for people in subtle ways.

2. The Talks

Communication has always been the key component in all kinds of relationships. Likewise, soulmates know that every relationship needs to go through small spells of difficult times and that a relationship is not always going to be a joyride. But these people are not afraid to have difficult conversations. There are some things that can only be solved through communication and soulmates understand this quite clearly.

3. Soulmates Challenge you

Not just in the way that makes you a good person, but a soulmate also challenges your opinions and ideals. If you think your soulmate should always have similar likes and dislikes and nothing contradictory to your views, then you are mistaken. Soulmates will constantly challenge you if they think you are treading on the wrong path. They will respect your opinion but will also feel free to have one of their own without feeling obliged to agree with you all the time. And what's better than this additional perspective that helps you weigh life situations better?

4. Small gestures over grand ones

As mentioned before, you don't always need to do something big for someone to show that you love them. Even small gestures such as buying them a flower when you meet them or texting them once in a while to check on them makes a huge difference. Soulmates do not really believe in performing some grand gestures just to show you that they care. Even the smallest of gestures makes a big difference.

5. They know their imperfections

Your soulmate will know their imperfections and won't feel bad when you point them out. Instead, they will work and try their best to improve themselves and become a better version of themselves. Likewise, they will also not hesitate to point out your shortcomings and ways in which you could improve upon them.

6. You do not want them to change, even for the best

At times, we want people to change certain aspects of their personality or bring about significant changes in their behavior. But this is not to be. Despite the fact that they won't change, we accept them. We accept the fact that certain things would never change and embrace them for their good qualities or unique traits.

7. They know you aren't perfect either

It works both ways. While you know that they are not perfect, they too are aware of your imperfections and accept you the way that you are.They will definitely tell you how you can work to improve yourself but they will accept your flaws and treat you like you were the most perfect person on planet Earth.

Despite the misconceptions that surround soulmate relationships, they aren't perfect or argument-free. There is surely a connection  between the two of you but at the end of the day, you are human and so are they. Just put in the right amount of effort from your side and you will see your relationship bloom.

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