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7 Signs That He Will Be A Great Dad

Every woman dreams of a man who can give a nurturing and secure life to their kids. But it is not easy to know what type of a father, a man can be before he actually becomes the father. Although, there are a few characteristics that you can look for in your partner that give away the signs of becoming a great father in the future. Here are 7 signs that your man will be a great dad: 

1. He is good with kids

Can you really expect a man who freaks out and gets annoyed easily around kids to raise one of his own in the best way possible? Not really, right? But a man who is good with other people’s kids will be even better with his own. If your man loves hanging out with kids, knows how to handle them when they are noisy and enjoys taking care of them, then you can be sure that he genuinely wants to be a dad someday.

2. Helps without having to ask

Parenting is not an easy job to do. When the baby comes your daily routine will become more hectic than ever. If your man helps you around the house without even you having to ask, he will surely be there to help you when the baby comes. A man who is a self-starter and sensitive to your needs, will himself get up from the bed in the middle of the night to change your little one’s wet diapers. The more he helps now, the more helpful he is likely to be in the future.

3. He doesn’t lose his cool under pressure

So does your man freak out whenever he is in a stressful situation? Or does he remain calm and tries to find a way to solve that problem? If your man belongs to the second category, then congratulations, you’ve got yourself a great parenting partner. No matter how adorable your babies are, you’ll still have to spend some sleepless nights and go through some intense, hair-pulling situations because of them. For such times, you will need a man who doesn’t lose his cool and patiently handles the situation.

4. He is very patient

Parenthood is not for the faint-hearted. It is a lifetime job that requires a lot of patience and comes with no pay, raises or praises. A man who is very patient, flexible and ready to compromise is in a good shape to become the DAD. He will place your and your kids’ needs and happiness before his own. If your man takes care of you for the whole night and for days when you are sick without complaining even once, he surely has the patience to handle a crying, barfing and pooping baby without grossing out.

5. He is very good at something

To become really good at something one needs to be patient, determined and completely dedicated. Be it sports, academics or playing instruments, if your man has excelled at anything, he surely understands that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes continuous practice and lots of hard work to get good at something. As he will be quite accustomed to the struggle behind, he will know how to effectively motivate and encourage your kids to overcome their weaknesses.

6. He is comfortable at showing affection

Men are generally not too expressive. They will do everything in their power to make our lives easy but when it comes to expressing their feelings, they will run in the opposite direction. But the ones who can let their feelings out and share them with their loved ones can make others comfortable to open up. If your man pays attention to the little things, tells you how much he loves you and gives you a big hug to cheer you up whenever you’re sad, then he will definitely be nurturing and connect to your child emotionally.

7. But, he is also good at showing tough love

While we want our men to be very empathic and compassionate, a father also needs to have the toughness to discipline the kids. Your man needs to know when to be the lovey-dovey dad and when to show some tough love. If your partner doesn’t hesitate to point out your mistakes in a constructive manner and helps you become a better person, he will make a great father who becomes your child’s best friend or the go-to-guy for any life, career or relationship advice.

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