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7 Sentences You Never Thought You'd Say (Before Kids)

Every motherhood journey is unique. You learn and experience different things every time. When you become a mom, there are a couple of things you would be prepared to say. You would have to say things like, “Don’t waste your food.”, “Stop picking your nose.” or that “Good children take a shower every day.” But there are a few bizarre things that you never imagined you would have to say to another human being.

Here is a list of some of those lines you never thought you would say:

1. “Please stop licking the floor/your siblings/the pets.”

A few kids have a tendency of showcasing their love by licking. This may be after observing how pets lick people they are fond of. Or it could just be because they think it’s fun. Either way, nobody is really looking forward to being covered in saliva. The pets may not mind but they could end up having a furball stuck in their throat from all that licking.

2. “You cannot walk around naked at the mall.”

For some reason, kids feel most comfortable and relaxed when they have no clothes on. So when relaxing at the mall with the family, don’t be surprised if the tiny tot removes all of his/her clothes to simply strut around in their diaper.

3. “Stop stuffing food into your pockets for later.”

It is so dreadful when you have to wash your kid’s soiled pockets. Yes, you read that right - pockets. Kids will stuff anything and everything into this secret space and this includes food that they like and are saving for later. Chances are, even if the food they put in the pockets are dry, they forget ever having put them and will end up not eating it.

4. “Don’t poke your father in the eye.”

This is purely out of boredom. The fun dad may be minding his own business - reading a newspaper or taking a nap on the verandah. This doesn’t stop his kid from jumping on top of him and poking the father’s eyeballs. This is not just painful and possibly dangerous - it is also hilarious.

5. “No, you may not touch your poo.”

Why kids are so fascinated with poop is something that nobody has the answer to. Kids are super curious, not just about poop but also about pee.They will perform their own studies whether you like it or not.

6. “The toilet bowl is not where you wash your hands.”

One of the craziest things you have to explain to your toddler is about how they cannot wash your hands in the toilet bowl. You may also have to let them know that it is not clean or hygienic to do so even after you flush.

7. “Not everything that smells nice can be eaten.”

Kids are always hungry and hyper. When something smells supposedly yummy, they would try to eat it. This isn’t just the fresh batch of cookies or brownies that you made. This is also the sweet smelling soap, lotion, face wipes, and candles.   

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