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7 Red Flags To Watch Out For During Pregnancy

Seeing those two little pink lines on the pregnancy test kit must definitely fill you up with thrill and joy. Once you confirm your pregnancy, you need to begin taking extra care of yourself as there’s a tiny human growing inside you. Even with the extreme caution, you might face complications in your pregnancy. It is important for you to be aware of these complications as they are harmful to you and your baby.

So, let's read further about these serious complications that occur during pregnancy.

1. Hemorrhoids

New York's famous doctor Peter Bernstein says that if you have full blood discharge, excess stomach ache and fainting in the first trimester, then it may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

In an ectopic pregnancy, the woman's egg grows elsewhere instead of growing in the uterus. It has been proved to be dangerous during pregnancy.

In the first and second trimester, there may be a symptom of heavy haemorrhage and muscle stiffness falling.

At the same place, the bleeding in the third trimester could be a sign of placenta burst. This happens when the placenta (cord) breaks when it is separated from the uterus.

2. Dizziness and vomiting

Every other pregnancy happens after a few bites and vomiting. But in such a situation where you are not able to eat anything and you are continuously reeling, there is a warning for you. Understand the gesture of your body. Malnutrition can also make your baby disabled.

3. There is no movement of infant in the womb

Normally the babies kick the mother's stomach and the mother can feel those little movements.

If the baby does not stir up suddenly for a few hours or days, then it may be a sign of a congenital illness related to it. To find out you drink some cold or hot and then lie down and then observe the baby’s movements.

4. Pre-labor pains in the third trimester

Pregnancy is naturally goes up to 9 months. Therefore, many women who are turning into mommies for the first time, can not distinguish between natural labour and preterm labour.

5. Untimely water break

During pregnancy, the embryo is surrounded by fluid which is called amniotic sac. When it breaks, there is a gush of water which flows out. This helps the infant to come out. But if the doctor tells you that your water broke before its actual term, there are chances that you’ll have a premature baby.

Signs of Water breaking:

You are standing and suddenly water will flow between your feet.

If you feel like sacrificing this urine, then go to the bathroom and leave urine naturally. Even if your body is not getting less water, then your water is exhausted. You go to the doctor.

6. A continuous headache, stomach ache, blurred vision and swelling in the third trimester

In the scientific terms, the above-mentioned condition is said to be a symptom of preeclampsia. This is the most horrible disease that could happen to a woman during pregnancy. It is so bad that it could lead to the death of the mother also. Other symptoms are high blood pressure and excessive protein levels in the urine. It might start from the 20th week of pregnancy and you should get treatment from the doctor as soon as possible without wasting time. Overcoming blood pressure can give you relief in the future.

7. Flu and cold

Experts say that because of the reduced immunity of pregnant women, they quickly catch a cold and flu. Therefore, they should take vaccinations at the right time so that the infection does not spread too much.

Now that you’re aware of the possible ways your pregnancy might be on the verge of becoming dangerous, take the necessary precaution and make it a point to visit the gynaecologist as soon as possible. 

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