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7 Reasons Why Your Child Might Be Excessively Shy

Shyness in Children

Shyness is always a part of a child’s behavior. Some doctors call this ‘temperament’ or the personality trait that children are born with. If your child is shy - there is no need to have a panic attack!

Babies from 6 months and 3 years old are shy because they are always afraid of strangers. Thus, they like to cling to the people they know. This is a normal part of maintaining trust in a new and complex world. Many children tend to start making friends and socialising at 3 to 4 years, while some are unable to do so. That does not mean that there is something wrong with your little one or your parenting skills!

Read on to know how shyness has different stages. Through this you can:

- know the 7 reasons why your child might be excessively shy

- ensure that they know how to tackle the negativity around shy behaviour

- be confident in their own skin

Reasons Why Your Child is Shy

What is the Shy Meter?

All children tend to be shy when they start understanding the world around them. Since they have close contact with only family or caregivers - the outside is going to be very unfamiliar. So, do not let your little one feel like they are not making you happy about anything they do. Instead, let them know that it is alright to be shy of strangers or people that they do not know well.

Shyness can be a bad sign if there is serious distress in both the child and you. Grades, lifestyle and health can be affected due to excessive shyness. Sometimes children are shy due to language delays, autism spectrum disease (ASD) or hearing problems.

Still, there is no need to worry. Let your child and yourself know that there are several reasons why there is so much shyness. In addition, there is also a lot of professional help available to help keep everyone happy in the family!

Causes for Excessive Shyness in Your Child

1. Genetics.

Some little ones just have shyness in their DNA. While it can be stressful, you should know that DNA cannot be changed - but emotions can be balanced positively.

2. Shy parents.

You are the primary caregiver and interact most with your child. Little ones have strong observation skills. So, it is more likely that your little one is going to imitate you.

3. Attachment issues.

Sometimes parents are underprotective or overprotective. They either give very less attention or a lot of attention. In most of these cases, there is a high chance that your child can be very shy.

Why Are Children Shy?

4. Isolation.

If your little one has not made that many friends or is not comfortable in school - then they might be excessively shy.

5. Criticism.

Some children do not take continuous judgements or bullying in a good way. If there is a lot of this around your little one - they will feel the need to be very shy.

6. Labelling.

This is a major reason why many children are so shy. If you or someone else point out the child’s shyness many times in public - they will feel the need to be alone all the time.

7. Fear of Separation.

While this is usual in the baby phase, many older children still feel shy because they are yet to feel trusting towards the strange world they are in. 

Shyness in Babies

Tips To Help Overcome Some of Your Child’s Shyness

Every child is unique in their own way. All little ones take their possible time to come out of their shell. You as an important support need to give them the free space to grow. In little ways you can also make your child feel safe and avoid unhappiness of not always catching up. Don’t you think children deserve their freedom to grow in their own pace? Let’s discuss ladies! 

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