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7 Reasons Why The Last Week Of Pregnancy Is The Most Difficult One

When you’re about to become a mommy, you’re filled with happiness and excitement. As you progress through pregnancy, you will find yourself in a tight spot as you’re trying to adapt to all those changes happening to your body. Things get even more difficult during the last few days of your pregnancy because no mommy can wait to finally hold her baby in her arms after all that rollercoaster ride of 9 months!

As the final day is just around the corner, you definitely cannot keep calm! Don’t you wish to hold your little munchkin in your loving arms rather than your tummy? That’s how motherhood gets drawn on you and you mentally begin prepping up for those countless sleepless nights and of course, the labour pain! It can make you a little anxious and you might feel stressed out during your last few days of pregnancy.

Here are 7 things that will stress you out a lot, especially in the final days of pregnancy:

1. The due date confusion

You must have marked your due date on the calendar and you must be very excited to welcome your baby. However, it is not necessary that you’ll deliver on that date only. Sometimes the baby decides for a longer incubation period, maybe up to 42 weeks and even then you might not show the obvious signs of labour and contractions. Feeling restless during that time is alright.

2.Losing patience

You’ve nurtured your munchkin in your womb for 9 months and if the labor gets delayed, you just can't take it no more and you lose it. It can get very difficult to maintain balance in life.

3. Haemorrhoids and the pain in the perineum

Your uterus is holding your baby in a protective sac and it could lead you to suffer from constipation and there’s a leap of progesterone hormone in your body. It can cause a significant amount of discomfort like pain and itch down there.

4.Weight gain

By the end of your pregnancy, you will be carrying not just your baby, but other things like amniotic fluid, placenta, everything you’ve eaten to keep your food cravings in balance. So, be prepared to deal with a huge tummy towards the end of your pregnant days.


The excitement of holding your baby in your arms will make you have sleepless nights. You will also find yourself flipping like a coin in your bed. Despite having numerous soft cushions for comfort, you just cannot get yourself to sleep peacefully.

6.Endless bathroom breaks

You trips to the bathroom are going to increase just to ease the stressed out bladder. This might annoy you and wish that your baby popped out as soon as possible. 

7.The other kinds of pain

A lot of problems arise like- cramps, Braxton Hicks ( false labour), digestion issues, swollen feet and legs. Moreover, you’ll just get really tired of waiting for your baby to finally come into the world!

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