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7 Reasons Why Raising A Baby Girl Is Awesome

Raising a baby girl has perks of its own. It is one of the biggest joys in life and one cannot express it through mere words. Be it a baby boy or a baby girl, the experience of being with a little one of your own is beyond compare. However, only a few parents have the privilege of raising little princesses. Well, you must be wondering what these might be, aren’t you? Here are 7 amazing reasons why raising a baby girl is awesome:

1. The cutest hair accessories

The addition of a bow hairband with her little pink frock will make her look like a little fairy of a wonderland. Hair accessories are pretty and you can buy them easily, for they come in a variety of colours and styles. There is an array of rubber bands, hair bands, clips and ribbon bows available exclusively for little girlies.

Just imagine your little sweetheart walking around wearing fancy accessories!

2. The frill adorned clothes

Clothes for baby girls are too cute already. Adding frills will just burst the cuteness meter! For those who have not experimented with frills, you’ll be surprised to see how adorable your little angel would look in that dress.

Something even more surprising is that, that many women want to have a baby girl just so that they can adorn them with the cutest of the clothes and accessories!

3. Daddy’s little Princess

You obviously would like to spoil your munchkin and treat her, like the princess she is. But, mind it, you’ve got competition- THE DAD! Soon after you give birth to your baby girl, she will need you and only you!

But once the initial months wear off, she will begin exploring life beyond you. She will find a great company with her daddy dear. You’ll see her transition into ‘Papa Ki Pari’ and yes, you’re going to be super jealous looking at the sudden outburst of love that develops.

4. You will be her Fashionista day you wake up and find your daughter wearing your lipstick and sandals, and she still manages to look cuter than ever! Yes, that’s because she sees you as her fashion guru. She is constantly inspired by your style and the magic in your smile. She will be just like you when she grows up. She will try to play with your scarves, clothes, wear your sunglasses and jewellery. Every time she does this, not only will she look cuter each day but, it will make you proud to have a baby who aspires to be a version of you.

5. Changing diapers is easier

Although changing the diaper is a messy affair, but if you have a baby girl you might want to heave a sigh of relief. You won’t have to beware of the sudden surprise pee squirts in your face and cleaning the body after a poopy session is easier. Moreover, the diaper stays in one place and there is less chance of it leaking.

6. She’s a cute mini-me version of you

When you have a baby girl, it is likely that she will become your mini-me. Most women want to have a baby girl just so that they can see a mini version of themselves. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy fun moments with your baby girl and watch her grow into a beautiful woman just like you?

7. Delightful shopping sessions

Imagine the opportunities that will come your way to stroll through rows of pink, peach, red and cream-hued clothes. You will be able to shop for the fanciest of the clothes and the best part is that you’ll have a choice between a hundred different styles like skirt, blouse, capris, t-shirts...and the list goes on. There are many cute dresses adorned with butterflies, bows, flowers and cute little cartoons!

You can shop for all these things exclusively for your baby daughter and take adorable pictures and relive the memories once she’s all grown up. It is an absolute delight to hold your bundle of cuteness in your arms, Make the most of the time you get to spend with her! Ahh, daughters truly are a blessing, indeed! 

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