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7 Reasons Why Moms Love LuvLap Elegant Baby Carriers And You Must Choose It For Your Baby


With changing times and lifestyles, a lot of traditional parenting habits have changed too. Gone are those days of carrying babies in your arms. Wouldn’t life be more exciting and fun if you could carry your baby and still be hands-free?

YES!! You read that right! Baby carriers are the new trend of every parent. They come in a lot of variety like strollers, carriers, car seat, rockers, prams, walkers etc. Believe it or not, babies love these carriers as they allow them to bond with their parent making them feel safe and nested when on-the-go.

To enhance your parenting experience, we did a little research to find out which brand delivers the best care and satisfaction when it comes to baby carriers! Undoubtedly, LuvLap was every mommy’s go to choice for its amazing quality of baby gears at UNBELIEVABLE prices!!

After all, this is the era of smart parenting, so why not make your parenting lives a wee little easy? Today, we’re going to give you 7 reasons why moms choose Luvlap and why you’ll be swearing by these products after reading this!

1. Comfort

When it comes to buying baby carriers, it needs to be perfect so that the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable. No mommy would like to see her baby cry out of discomfort.

That’s when the Luvlap Elegant baby carrier comes in handy. It is neither too big nor too small and the best part is that it comes with adjustable straps which provide great support to the baby’s body even if she falls asleep. The easy adjustable wide padded shoulder belts with breathable mesh fabric lining make it comfortable for parents to carry their baby everywhere, hassle-free.

The Removable and Adjustable hardboard support with air holes provides protection and support to the baby’s head and back. The Cushioned armholes and leg openings, add to the baby’s comfort.

2. User-friendly

Ease of using the product is one of the most common features which should be looked for while purchasing goodies for your baby. The Elegant Baby Carrier has 4 carrying positions – Horizontal Feeding, Front inward facing, Front outward facing and Piggyback style positions. Therefore, making it really convenient to carry newborns to 30 months old baby, weighing up to 15 kgs.

3. Amazing Quality

Baby carriers have to be of great quality and LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier will fit your needs just perfectly. It is carefully crafted with a high-grade and comfortable material. After all, we buy carriers because we need our babies and ourselves to be comfortable and secure, isn’t it?

4. Safety comes first

LuvLap has an array of baby carriers that are the best because they assure both comfort and safety both for baby and parent. They have three wide padded belts– 2 shoulder straps and one waist belt for superior lumbar support for the parent. They also have an adjustable side opening buckle which ensures the safety and security quotient.

5. Pocket-friendly

Sometimes, a lot of perfect goodies for babies come at a great cost. However, Luvlap products are exceptional because they’re not just perfect for your baby but are affordable too! They have a multitude of baby carriers to choose from and the Elegant Baby carrier costs as low as Rs. 1899 ONLY!! There is a wide range of colours available under each design which are super trendy to match with your latest style, without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Multipurpose is an added bonus

If your baby carriers have a different utility factor, it is indeed a blessing! The Elegant Baby Carrier has a front pocket to carry small essential items.

7. Design

As the mommy of a newborn baby, you are more concerned if your baby would like the feel of something that’s not like your arms. Every mom gets a little afraid of letting her baby be in the carrier for the first time.

The moment she sees her baby smiling, she just knows that these baby essentials are just perfectly designed to make babies smile! It is simple yet effective in holding the baby steady. Moreover, it has eased the life of parents, and they can now move about hands-free without worrying about the comfort of their little munchkins.

That’s why we recommend using LuvLap because it guarantees comfort, safety and joy for your baby at a very affordable price! Our mom community loves LuvLap. What about you?

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