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Baby care: 7 Reasons Why Baby Proofing is Important!

Safety always comes first. Apart from taking care of your toddlers daily needs like their food, their cleanliness and their health. You also need to look after one more very important aspect, their safety.

Baby proofing is becoming very popular in recent times, because of the number of injuries that could’ve been avoided if the premise had been baby proofed. Baby proofing is well favoured among parents who have concerns regarding their child’s safety. It gives parents a peace of mind, a sort of calm that their child is secure from all the impairment that can be caused at home or in the child’s surroundings.

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1. Kids may be strong but they can be clumsy.

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Some may find this funny but parents will be scared for their young ones. Make sure that all utensils are kept in drawers away from reach of children. All sharp articles such as knifes and graters must at all times be kept away from children.

2. Toddlers are always falling.

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You may not realise how quickly your child can develop new skills. Injuries can be prevented by keeping an eye on your toddler and understanding which places he/she can reach and get to. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

3. A child is full of energy but fragile.

You always need to secure your furniture so that it cannot topple. Anchor flat-screen TVs with safety straps so they can’t fall on your baby. Always keep heavy items that can topple on low, sturdy furniture, pushed back as far as possible.

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4. Electricity is useful but dangerous

Each day, nearly 7 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet.The first and cheapest way to prevent your child sticking objects in electrical outlets is to buy a packet of child proof electrical outlet caps.

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5. Windows, a big concern

It is estimated that more than 4,000 children are treated every year in emergency rooms for injuries sustained by falling from windows. Always make sure that no furniture is placed near the window which can act as a ladder. Very easily you can keep your windows locked to prevent your child from accessing it.

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6. Falling off stairs has become more common than you can imagine.

Falling down stairs can be a serious hazard for an infant or toddler who is just learning to navigate his or her surroundings.When properly installed, high-quality safety gates can help eliminate this possibility.

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7. Most importantly, Toddler proof the toilets.

A baby proof toilet latch is the best way to keep your child safe around the toilet.There are many different toilet locks available to prevent your baby from opening up the toilet seat. Often the best method of child proofing is by hiding. Hide the toilet brush and paper away in a cabinet, away from reach of your young one.

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