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7 Porridge Recipes To Live By

Baby drinking milk

Porridge is simple, wholesome and fulfilling. Making it isn't an uphill task and can be easily accomplished in a matter of minutes. Keep wavering from recipe to recipe to keep your child's boredom at bay.

Here are 7 porridge recipes to abide by:

1. Cardamom and Wheat Dalia Porridge

elaichi and wheat porridge

What will you need:

Wheat Dalia - 3 tablespoons

Green Gram - 2 and half tablespoons

Cardamom - 3 pods

What you need to do:

1. Dry roast wheat dalia, green gram, and cardamom.

2. Grind them separately and then combine them.

3. Add a couple of spoons of this mixture to warm water.

4. Stir and present to your baby.

2. Rice Porridge With Moong Dal

rice porridge recipe

What you will need:

Rice - 3 tablespoons

Dal - 2 tablespoons

What you need to do:

1. Wash rice, dry it and then grind.

2. Roast dal and grind it.

3. Mix them two together.

4. Add hot water and stir continuously.

And Voila! Your healthy rice porridge is ready!

3. Honey and Oats Porridge

honey and oats porridge

What you will need:

Milk - 3 quarters of a cup


Honey - 1 tablespoon

What you need to do:

1. Heat the milk and when it comes to boil quickly pour in the oats.

2. Once, the oats cooks start to stir.

3. Take the mix off the flame and add honey.

Your super healthy Oats porridge is up for grabs!

4. Maize Porridge

maize porridge

What you will need:

Maize Powder - 4 tablespoons

Moong dal Powder - 4 tablespoons

Til Powder - Half a tablespoon

What you need to do:

1. Roast all three powders separately.

2. Combine them.

3. Add this mixture to warm water and stir bit by bit as this will suppress lumps.

Your baby’s maize porridge is now, ready for consumption.

5. Soybean and Wheat Porridge

soyabean and wheat porridge

What you will need:

Whole wheat - 5 tablespoons

Whole soybean - 1 and a half tablespoon

What you need to do:

1. You will need to roast both, whole wheat and whole soybean in sand.

2. Grind both the ingredients individually.

3. Mix both the ingredients well.

4. Submerge this mixture in warm water and stir.

Hurray! Your Soybean and Wheat Porridge awaits!

6. Apple and Ragi Porridge

apple and ragi porridge

What you will need:

Ragi flour - 2 tablespoons

Half an apple

What you need to do:

1. Blend the apple into a puree.

2. Add ragi flour to water and cook

3. Combine apple puree with the ragi mixture

Serve Mummies! Your Porridge is ready!

7. Groundnut And Wheat Porridge

wheat porridge recipe

What you will need:

Groundnuts - 3 tablespoons

Wheat - 3 tablespoons

Green gram - 2 and half tablespoons

What you need to do:

1. Roast Groundnuts, wheat and green gram in a pan.

2. Once roasted, powder the mixture.

3. Add this mixture in 4 spoons to warm water.

4. Stir to avoid lumps and serve it up to your little one warm.

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