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7 Myths You Need To Stop Believing About Your Postpartum Body

All new mothers face several bodily changes after pregnancy. It might be the weight you've put on or an addition of a pregnancy brain. But here are 7 myths about your postpartum body you must not believe.

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1. Losing the baby weight is a must

Losing the baby weight shouldn’t be the first goal after becoming a mom unless it's unhealthy for you to keep the weight. Being fit and shedding the kilos is just a standard set by society but as a new mom, it's mostly important to be healthy for you and your baby. Most unwanted fat will melt away bringing you to your optimum state but getting a size zero isn't a must.

2. Losing weight gets you back to normal

Pregnancy changes your body completely. Losing baby weight might reduce the fat but will not take your body back to what it was prior pregnancy. There will be certain changes such as an increase in your breast size, hip size or those stretch marks that we could work on but will not just go away by losing that pregnancy weight.

3. You will look less desirable

Most women think that bodily changes caused by pregnancy make you so much less desirable. But this isn’t so. It's normal to feel insecure about your body but don't let that put you down. Your partner will not find anyone more desirable except for the mother of his newborn child.

4. You should hide it

Flaunting off your body shouldn’t ever be doubted. Just out of delivery or months out of it. Your body shouldn’t be hidden. Enjoy every phase of this natural process. When your breasts are enlarged while by nursing or you're covered with stretch marks. Enjoy and flaunt it all.

5. Your memory will get better

During pregnancy, most women have something known as a pregnant brain. They tend to forget or muff up certain things. Most women assure themselves to go back to their regular self right after pregnancy. What most women don't realize is that the brain can remember only 4 things at once and with sleep deprivation, it can be worse. It can take several weeks to get back to normal.

6. Sex after 6 weeks

Though the wait is said to be of 6 weeks, research shows that most women feel discomfort or pain for several months to a year. And an additional problem could be fatigue that most women face. 6 weeks can medically be the time to start but take your time and work your way to it.

7. It's Safe to drive when you're ready

It might feel right, it might feel easy but test yourself before you get behind the wheel. Checking your reflexes is a must, post pregnancy. Sit on a chair and move yourself around like you would in the car. Turn your head and body from right to left and check for blind spots or any pain. If there isn’t any pain, drive around the parking lot. Another concern would be the seat belt close to your incision. Always try to be comfortable while driving.

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