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7 Mental Habits Of Successful People Who Have Mastered Their Emotions

Have you seen those successful women out there, not only balancing but winning at both personal life and work life? Do you often wonder why you are not being able to find a little peace of mind and everything in life seems to exhaust you? Do you often get overwhelmed with emotions whenever you face a conflict or tough issue? Well it is true that life in today’s high-paced era is extremely hectic and tiring. As a remedy, we tend to the needs of our physical health and take every measure in our capacity to improve our condition. But what about our emotional health? How many of us really have taken any measure to improve our mental health?

Emotions play a great role in our everyday life. We associate with others in the society not only on the basis of professional or personal relationship but also on the basis of emotional connection. Mostly driven by our emotions , we act and react to everyday situations on a quick note without imposing any thought and regret later if such quick reaction turns out negative. 

Highly successful people practice healthy emotional measures and develop habits that help them stay calm and composed, thereby taking wise decision even under pressure. They attain higher emotional intelligence that gives them the ability to understand a situation from multiple perspective and control themselves from extreme emotional outbursts. Here are 7 mental habits that you can practice to master your emotions and make your life easier on many levels.

Get to the bottom of the issue:

One of the most important habits of highly successful people is that before taking any decision they try to know every aspect and get to the root cause of the issue. In most of the cases when our emotions get involved we tend to stick to the emotional surface of the problem and don’t dive deep into the logical side.

Next time you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, take a step back and look logically into the matter one more time. You will realize that your emotional outburst is merely a reaction to some unresolved issue or suppressed feelings of fear, anxiety, stress etc. that has been disturbing or influencing you subconsciously.

Try to look at an issue from a different point of view:

Many a times when we face an issue our emotions get triggered and influence our perception. We believe only what seems viable from our perspective and do not think if the other person is on the same page as us or that the situation may seem entirely different from their perspective. But as both get stuck to their own point of view, the conflict pertains and the issue never gets resolved.

Try looking at an issue from the perspective of others and you’ll be surprised to find how wrong you were to judge the situation the way you did. Possibly you will find a solution way sooner than you could expect.

Pause before responding:

During a conflict, how many times have you gotten angry, did or said something you never meant and regretted later? Well, we all have faced such instances somewhere back in time. It happens because during a heated outburst we get buried in a sudden flood of emotions and lose the ability to think logically.

Therefore before throwing out your heated reaction, take a pause of few seconds and a deep breathe to calm the chemicals of emotion inside our brains down. No matter how intense the situation gets, losing your control over emotions can only make it worse.

Gain control of fear and accept a failure:

Fear of failure is something that prevents us from doing anything that involves a little risk. No person has ever become successful at anything overnight. They control their fear and push their limits to try every option they have to achieve success. An effective way to control your fear is to learn to accept failure as a part of the game.

Do not think of failure as the ultimate defeat but as a ladder to success. Only by accepting failure as a learning step can we be free from the fear of failure. If you really want something. never stop trying until you get it.

Find a positive in a bucket full of negatives:

All of us have those bad days when one after another unfavourable incidents happen to us pulling our motivation down to the rock bottom. Have you ever known someone so negative that being around him/her made you lose your positivity? Being optimistic at hard times is another quality that helps successful people control their emotions.

Instead of losing hope at such times, try to focus on one thing from the particular day that either you’ll be grateful for or made you smile or seemed hopeful. It is proven that by trying to find one positive in a bucket full of negatives everyday for at least 21 days, you will train your brain to be optimistic and focus on the positives rather than negatives, thereby reducing our negativity.

Shed unhelpful guilt and combat self-doubt:

Guilt and self-doubt - two of the major enemies of any person who wants to win at life. Self-doubt helps you believe that you might not be worthy of the success, because of which you restrict yourself from even trying, thinking that you will only make a fool out of yourself. Well, how can you even know that you’ll fail or be successful if you don’t even try it. So let go of the self-doubt, step forward and do it. Even if you fail the first time, you can always try another time.

Guilt on the other hand, occurs from our intentional wrong doings or unintentional mishaps because of which someone else gets affected. Instead of sulking yourself in guilt, the most logical thing to do is confront the particular person and ask for forgiveness.

Let go of ego and be the first one to reach out after an argument:

Holding grudge against someone has done no good to anyone. It not only messes up with your head but causes friction in relationships. You need to train yourself to be strong enough and let go of the ego or anger that is holding you back. Be the first one to reach out after an argument or conflict and make amends. Don’t lose that precious relationship over some conflict of miscommunication and resentment.

It is important to take care of our mental health as well as we care for our physical health. Develop habits that will free you from all the unnecessary load you take which only exhausts your brain and forces your energy to drain out. So let’s say bye to overthinking and hello to mental peace.

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