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Pregnancy itself is quite an interesting journey. The fact that a human is growing inside you is fascinating, isn't it? The entire process of pregnancy is filled with revelations; some of them might be quite surprising if you haven’t already read them in one of the many books that you read during your pregnancy.

Be it morning sickness or labour pains, women practically become superheroes for the nine months (and even more) in which they go through with the pregnancy. Everything is definitely worth it when post nine months you see those tiny little hands reaching for you and those inquisitive eyes looking around to absorb everything at once.

There are still certain things that you might not know about pregnancy, here are a few interesting facts:

1. Babies urinate in the womb and then drink it

You might think of this as very gross, it is a fact nonetheless. In the second half of pregnancy, babies urinate in the amniotic sac (about a liter per day) and then they drink it back. This may sound harmful and unhealthy, but it is perfectly normal and causes the baby no harm.

2. Increase in blood volume

During pregnancy, the volume of the mother’s blood increases. Due to this, women may experience bloody noses and bloody gums. So if you are pregnant and have bloody gums, it most probably does not have anything to do with your dentures, it is just the increased blood in your body. The mother’s heart grows in size (surprise surprise) to pump blood harder and faster.

3. The uterus stretches to 500 times its normal size

The uterus which is normally the size of your closed fist expands to the size of a peach and then later to the size of a medium-sized watermelon. Imagine how stretchable the uterine muscles are.

4. The surge of hormones is real

A woman nearing the end of her pregnancy produces so much estrogen that it equals to that which a non-pregnant woman does in about a period of three years. So if you are pregnant and moody, then hormones are the things to blame.

5. Nine months or more?

If you have already completed nine months of being pregnant and are getting worried why the baby is not arriving yet, there is no need to worry. Pregnancies above 9 months are completely normal. In fact, the longest pregnancy on record is- 375 days, which amounts to more than a full calendar year!

6. Step up one shoe size

During pregnancy, the water retention in your body is in such great amounts that your hands and feet may swell up. Your feet may swell up by an entire size. So, moms, you can go purchase all those shoes you’ve been wanting since ages, although one size up (since you can clearly not fit into any of your current shoes).

7. The first cry is not really the very first

Babies cry in the womb as well, the presence of fluid and other layers does not let us hear it. This is kind of sad but somewhere it gives us many of us the scientific reason behind how babies suddenly learn to cry as soon as they are born.

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