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7 Important Tips For Parents of Twins and Multiples

Having twins is a special experience. After all, having a baby is special to begin with, and having twins or multiples simply increases the feeling. At the same time, having multiples is also more work. Taking care of a single baby requires time and effort from both the parents - so you can only imagine that taking care of multiples will be quite a lot of work.

While it is a lot of work, it always helps to know about some tips and advice from other parents of multiples, which makes parenting more than one child a tad bit easier. Here are some of the best tips that you need:

1. Synchronise Their Schedules

Having one baby who has to be fed, bathed and put to sleep is by itself a lot of work, and very time-consuming. Now imagine having two babies who wake up at different times to be fed or changed or bathed. Just when you’re sitting down from putting one baby down from a nap, another baby is going to start crying to be fed. Many twin parents suggest feeding and putting twin babies to sleep with the same schedule so that your free time can be spent doing chores, taking a bath or finally putting your tired feet up and relaxing.

2. Spend Alone Time With Each One

Whether they’re babies or kids, make sure that you spend some alone time with each of the twins or multiples. It’s important that you understand each of them as themselves rather than as part of a unit. It also allows you to form a deep, meaningful bond with both your kids.

3. Put Twin Babies In The Same Room

As babies, at least until they are 6 months old, put your twin babies to sleep in the same room. This is supposed to help them regulate body temperatures and sleep cycles, as well as help them feel calm. The presence of their twin can soothe them.

4. Encourage Individuality

Twins are often considered a single unit. Avoid referring to your twins in ways that can give this idea. To do so, you can avoid giving them similar or rhyming names. Also avoid putting them in the same clothes. This will not only allow individuality, but also help you tell one twin apart from the other if they’re identical. Often, parents try putting their twins in separate classrooms as this encourages each of them to form their own friend circles and avoid depending on each other too much. At the same time, appreciate and encourage the friendly and close bond that twins tend to share.

5. Don’t Buy In Twos

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As tempting as it may be to buy two baby rockers and two baby swings, avoid buying baby gear in doubles. Of course, you’ll need to buy two car seats, two cots, and a double stroller. But with the lesser of the essentials - like swings and rockers, try a test run first. It may happen that only one baby enjoys the rocker or swing. In such a case, you’d be wasting your money on double the gear for no reason. You can always buy a second swing or rocker if both your babies like it, but wait before you do.

6. Take Help

If your budget allows it, hire someone to help you take care of the babies or the house, depending on what you need the most help with. Ask for help from anyone who is willing to be involved - don’t turn down help from your relatives or friends who offer to bring you lunch, or come watch the babies so you can take some rest. As a new mom, you’re going to appreciate all the help you can get.

7. Work As A Team

Parents are always more successful when they work together. Taking care of just one baby requires a good deal of teamwork. This becomes all the more important when you have multiple births. Ask your partner to help and be involved in taking care of the multiples. You can either split your responsibilities, or take turns when it’s possible to do so. Either way, find what works best for you and your babies.

These parenting tips are not necessarily set in stone. Every baby and every parent is unique. While these tips do make things easier for you, feel free to discontinue them when you feel that they don’t work for you.

So are you expecting twins? Know a friend with twins? Give them these helpful tips and try to make their journey easier.

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