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7 Habits Of The Most Successful Dads

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Dads are just as important as moms. They’re their child’s best friend, superhero and source of comfort and security. Being a good dad takes commitment and effort. Being a successful dad, however, involves having good fatherhood habits, which regularly help your child benefit from your influence.

Highly successful dads have one thing in common: they love their kids and will do whatever it takes for them. But they also have other great habits as fathers, which help them be the superhero that their kids see in them.

Here are some habits you probably already have if you're a good dad:

1. You Put Others First

One of the first things you learn when you become a dad is to put your family first. You become quite selfless and generous, and you try to keep your family as happy as you can, even if it means you have to give up some things. The generous and caring nature of a father is what the kids always think of when they first think of dad. All great dads have one thing in common - the habit of protecting their family first.

2. You Make Time For Family

As a dad, you’re going to be busy working and supporting your family, but you have to plan your free time appropriately. Although you might have little free time, it’s important to give a huge part of this time to your family. Making time so that you can spend quality time with your wife and kids goes a long way. It helps your family know that you love and care about them.

3. You Express Your Emotions

Kids look to their dad to know what it means to be brave and strong. Expressing your emotions in front of your kids is important. It helps them know that there is nothing wrong with emotional expression. Kids usually assume that strength is not crying, or hiding what one feels, based on seeing their dads. Express your affection, happiness and sadness, so that your kids are able to understand and accept their own emotions. It also helps them develop some closeness with you.

4. You Help Around The House

Whether it’s changing nappies or doing the dishes, share household responsibilities with your other half. Watching dad share work will tell kids how important it is to help people. It will also help them understand gender equality. They will also learn to help around and be responsible.

5. You Have A Sense Of Humour

As a dad, you often come to situations where your first instinct might be to shout at the kids. From colouring on the walls, to leaving their toys in the way, your kids’ habits might annoy you. But once in a while, it helps to laugh at these things. Patience is very important when you’re a parent, and it can be one of the biggest challenges you come across when you’re a parent. Just the same, it’s important to try to be as calm as you can and then tell your kids to change these habits.

6. You Respect And Support Your Wife

A good dad always has mom’s back. Your kids need to see you both as a team. It helps them understand relationships. Talking to your wife respectfully and affectionately is also important as it sets an example for them. The way they treat people, and their ideas of gender equality will be coming from the interactions they see between mom and dad. For this reason, you should also avoid fighting in front of the kids.

7. You Always Challenge Your Kids

Good dads challenge their kids to try harder, or be better. Your kids need this challenge every once in a while so they can grow and learn. It’s important to avoid making things too easy for the kids. Challenging them and giving them opportunities to learn are your responsibility, and they will be more than grateful to you for it.

Don’t worry. Habits can be made at every stage in your life. As a dad, your love for your kids is a huge deal. Make efforts in this direction. Your kids will love you nonetheless, but wouldn’t it be great if you could give them the best memories of you?

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