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7 Habits That You Must Teach Your Kids NOW

Habits are learned as early as childhood. Kids learn to behave by watching their parents, or when they are often told to behave a certain way. Habits learned in childhood carry on for a long time, so as parents, one should ensure that their kids learn the best of habits and grow up to be responsible and well-behaved adults.

Here are some of the most important habits that your kids should learn young:

1. Eating Well

Healthy eating is most important for growing children, and it’s a habit that is quite difficult to start later. From a young age, make sure that you fill their plate with nutrient-rich food. They may reject it initially, but they’ll develop a taste for it. Allow them to understand that these are the right foods for them. Keep junk out of your pantry, so that the foods they have to pick from even at a young age, are healthy. Some amount of junk food is alright - moderation is key. But teaching your kids to eat healthy as well as eat on time is key to teaching them how to take care of themselves.

2. Playing Outdoors

Now that TV, computers and iPads are dominating households, kids spend too much time inside and inactive. This is bad for their physical fitness, and they also miss out on the vitamins that sun exposure could give them. Screen time also makes them sluggish and can upset their mood. There are so many reasons to limit screen time, and that is why you should encourage your child to go outside, meet other kids in your neighbourhood or take up a sport.

3. Cleaning Up

As a parent, you’re already busy looking after your kids, your partner and other family members. Cleaning up the toys your kid scatters around shouldn’t become another one of these tasks. Teach your kids that playtime always has to be followed by putting the toys back in their box. This can be done by asking your kid how fast they can do it, or asking them to put the toys from big to small or in a colour-coded manner. It’ll bring out their competitive and playful side and make playtime a habit rather than a chore.

4. Not Littering

Littering is a common public nuisance today. Teaching your kids not to throw things around, both inside the home and outside, is more important due to environmental concerns today. To teach them this, lead by example, and talk to them about it when you see others littering. It’s very important that you yourself follow this good habit so your child learns simply by observing you during their early years.

5. Being Honest

Lying is a bad habit. Not only does it make people irresponsible, but telling lies can stress your child out too. Encourage honesty by being open with your child, and allowing them to confide in you. Let them know that they can safely tell you things. Tell them the truth too. Seeing you lie can encourage them to lie. In case your child has started to tell lies, help them understand why it can be bad for them.

6. Being On Time

Nothing makes a good impression like being on time. Teach your kids to manage their time well and plan accordingly so that they learn to be on time. This will help them in the future when it comes to school, job interviews and meetings.

7. Being Polite

Finally, social skills and politeness are important, as it helps your child interact with others, make new friends, and get along with people in groups. It also makes a good impression, and you’ll love to see your little one dazzle people with their charm!

Your child will appreciate these habits when they’re older. It is important to ensure that your child is growing on the right track, and that they’re going to be a person you’ll be proud of. So guide them through these habits, and they’ll be making you proud in no time.

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